Drax Radio Hour #46

From time to time Drax and Jo have breaking news or scoops. In this show Drax interviews a number of Lindens. From them we get new insights. This makes the show well worth hearing. See: Radio Hour Episode 46.

For a quick summary see Ciaran’s article: Drax Visits Linden Lab HQ And Finds FIC Cups!

Blood Letters Office - Well Dressed!

Blood Letters Office – Well Dressed!

I haven’t tried to capture a summary or abstract of each section, just those that interested me and I think will be of general interest.

Show Index

3:30 ± Alexa Linden

4:40 ± Xiola Linden – Runs the SL Twitter feed, Facebook, puts out PR pictures…

6:00 ± Promot, sponsors, coming content.

7:30 ± Bad Press – the story from Moviepilot.com, which I also I covered, is in here scattered among other things but, finally focuses about the 10:00 mark. Drax’s opinion is that we need to set the record right when people misrepresent Second Life. Jo agrees. Of course what is right is debatable.

13:00 ± Drax is talking about Second Life articles showing up in Google Alerts. If you are unfamiliar with these, the simple explanation is they are a way to save Google searches and have Google email you when something new turns up that fits the search. I still use a few of these. Mostly I use Feedly to collect Alerts from my Google searches and now mostly ignore the email.

14:30 ± Magic Leap – Old news but new explanations. My coverage of Magic Leap in past articles.

17:30 ± Monty Linden – Explains CDN, the content delivery network. Old news but a good technical explanation by Monty. Followed by good questions from Drax. If you are a non-technical user, this is a good section to listen to for some understanding of what it does for you. My coverage of Second Life CDN from the past year.

26:00 ± Net Neutrality discussion. Monty points out that a major obstacle to developing networks in America is the practice of cities granting cable companies monopolies. Essentially eliminating the free market in Internet services and slowing advancement to a crawl in the USA. I can’t see where more government control of the Internet is ever going to help.

32:00 ± CDN locations and Linden Lab data centers.

32:40 ± Post questions for Linden in the Drax Radio

33:05 ± Week of Restarts problem mentioned. My articles on the problem leading to the Week of Restarts.

33:50 ± Drax presents SL to Rotary Group and relates some of that experience.

35:00 ± Interview with Ebbe Altberg starts. Drax relates his experience with the DK2 in Ebbe’s office. 37:50 ± Ebbe again says SL1 just does not have the engine to provide the 90 FPS needed for jitter free use with the Oculus. SL2 will have the engine needed.

39:00 ± User Interface problems and consistencies with the viewer controls are the big problem.

40:00 ± Ebbe contact with HyFy and Rosedale.

41:30 ± Hints about the SL2 avatar and facial control.

42:30 ± Drax talking about being asked to show Lindens how the community uses SL. He provides a good explanation why the Lindens don’t understand SL.

44:00 ± Brooke Linden – Web properties engineer. She points out that the seb site handles more online sales than most ecommerce web sites.

45:10 Drax asks about SL Search. 47:40 Why no mobile app for MP? 48:30 Next Gen MP

49:20 ± Some discussion of SL2 with Bagman & Ebbe started in the stream of Drax’s visit – Interview pulled. We may hear it at some future date.

52:00 ± Interview with Kona, Shaman and Caleb.

55:10 ± What is rep of SL?

57:00 Closing, Drax and Jo talking about what they are doing and coming stories.


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