Week of Restarts

This morning the first question asked of Oz Linden on the Open Source User Group was; What’s with the restarts? See: Scheduled Maintenance. Oz was all ‘what restarts? Oh… those restarts…’ Saying:

They’re doing some checks on some of our server hardware that requires that they take them down briefly.  I don’t believe that all regions will be affected, but I’m not sure.

So, we aren’t really sure what they are checking. It may just be they are giving the gerbils their flu  shots.

2 thoughts on “Week of Restarts

  1. Hi Nalates!

    I actually welcome the week of restarts and remember the days of \no SL Wednesdays\ – when LL would shut down SL for an entire day while it did maintenance and upgrades… and we had to go find something else to do. Periodic preventative maintenance is okay in my book and I personally hope this is a maybe, once a quarter, thing.

    Who knows, maybe the OSGrid fiasco kickstarted the talk of server maintenance…

    • I think the Lab has good backups… but who knows?

      I suspect this is a one time thing. But, since no one seems to know what they are doing, except those doing it, I can’t say.

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