Second Life News 2019 w21

I am behind this week. Too many fun things to do and work keeps interfering with my life. However, there is some interesting stuff happening.


Well… no Deploys post this week. However, the main channel and I think RC channels got updates.

Flickr Down – Sad… no pretty picture today.

Second Life Server – Main channel – Internal Fixes – Fixed EEP Regressions. I think the regressions are the things that broke when the other thing got fixed… Whatever, they are sorting it out.

The RC’s as of Thursday looked like this:

  • Second Life RC Blue Steel – RC Channel – Internal Fix.
  • Second Life RC Le Tigre – Same as Blue Steel.
  • Second Life RC Magnum – Same as Blue Steel.

Tuesday Simon Linden had us testing teleports in ADITI, preview/beta grid. I started out really bad. About 3 times on the 2nd TP I disconnected. I was using 2 viewers and once I restarted both viewers logged into AGNI and ADITI and tried TPing in ADITI I did better, making 8 or 9 TPs before a disconnect.

Simon wanted my viewer logs (Firestorm) and I gave them up. Then later in the day, he asked me to try again. He said logs revealed I was not connecting to the destination sim. Making some changes he wanted to see how I did. I made 30 TPs and never disconnected.

Those fixes should be in next week’s (22) RC updates.


Last week a new Linden web property opened that will be the repository of viewer release notes going forward. They are updating to a more readable style. The announcement was Thursday 5/16 in an SL Blog post, A New Look for Release Notes. Looking up an older Release Note requires editing the URL… :/

Old notes will remain in the SL Wiki, as an archive.

An example of the new format is here, – EEP.

The web page listing the Alternate Second Life Viewers has also changed. The new location is the link. Links to the old page reveal an empty page. The main SL download page has a link to the OLD Alternate Viewers page, useless.

The main viewer is version NEW! This is the viewer that fixes the Touch_Start bug, BUG-226970lsl scripting touch_start() function no longer works on prims with full alpha textures. Otherwise, this is viewer version, the Estate Access Management (EAM) viewer.

There are more details in the CCUG meeting video, Content Creators UG Meeting 5/23/2019.

Other Viewers

Black Dragon 64x – Update 3.4.8 – Bunch of updates.

Kokua Releases (NORLV) and (RLV and FTRLV) – This is the Linden main viewer with some of the Touch_Start change included… not included… not sure. It also has the latest RLV.

RLV – There are some significant rendering changes to deal with EEP regressions in the Linden code.

My Chrome can’t get into Marine’s eBlogger site… I’ll have to sort that out. If you hit it, switch to Firefox. Chrome works for NiranV’s Black Dragon site…

Other News

The new Linden houseboats are rumored to have sold out in 30-minutes or so.

1920’s Berlin 10th Anniversary

1920s Berlin celebrates its 10th anniversary! This is their 10th anniversary! They have a no dress-code day. So, you will be able to visit without having to go shopping for a 1920’s style dress.


Penny Patton’s Idea

At the CCUG meeting, the idea of a visual size indicator for the Editing Shape panel was brought up by Penny Patton.



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