What is Happening with Linden Lab’s New Continent: Bellisseria?

Bellisseria is the new continent south of Sansara. It is the location of new houseboats and box homes. A very middle-class neighborhood and surprisingly popular. Homes and houseboats can be owned… leased… by Premium Members. They are selling out in minutes.


I can’t account for the popularity. It just is.

The popularity is leading to a number of blogs focusing on Bellisseria and the going-ons there. Daniel Voyager points to some of them.

The Bellisserian opens with a first issue carrying an interview with Patch Linden. It is here we hear the first reasons for the popularity of Bellisseria. Seems previous homes were designed as ‘starter homes.’ Bellisserian homes are designed to be “homes.” I suppose that makes a difference. Well… apparently…

While there are currently only a couple of styles of homes in Bellisseria more are planned.

There are a number of Bellisseria related groups. Such as the Bellisseria Citizens group founded by Gingir Ghoststar.

A group for the citizens of the new Bellisseria continent to chat and meet up.
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Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/3163720@N23/
Discord: https://discord.gg/TQSKAtj
Visit Bellisseria: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Willow%20Heights/219/171/26

Another video…

There is the Bellisseria Riding Club.

A group for the riders of SL; new or experienced, to exchange ideas, have good conversation, plan tours, and share information on all ridable ways of transport, with focus on horses and equestrian activities.

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Bellisseria Riding Club

Bellisseria Riding Club

Bellisseria Community

Bellisseria Homeowners Association

Long list…


A Flickr group: That Bellisseria Life.

There is an SL Forum thread with way more stuff than I want to spend time listing, Bellisseria Groups and Land Marks. It is five pages long this morning (5/27). Interesting places and numerous invites to privately owned places… and the PLACES in Bellisseria…

To see most of the information on Linden Homes check out the SL Forum thread Linden Homes. There are a number of Bellisseria related threads.

The section has a part on Security. Patch Linden describes the new Linden Security Systems. The Lindens are attempting to balance the home-owners’ and travelers’ needs. Home-owners want to keep people out and travelers want to get through an area, creating conflicting interests. (12 pages 5/27). The new security system is the Linden idea of best balance.

One thought on “What is Happening with Linden Lab’s New Continent: Bellisseria?

  1. “I can’t account for the popularity. It just is.”

    One possible explainification would be as Fionalein pointed out over at my bloggy:
    “I bet most just want a cheap linden waters access parcel and to be left in peace.”

    BTW, this is a WordPress bloggo, isn’t it? So why didn’t you give your readers an option to stalk/follow you? Taht’s so convenient.

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