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Last Friday there was a Third-Party Dev UG meeting that ran 48 minutes. The video is here. I’ve included the interesting stuff mixed in.


The main channel will stay with version # No restart. This is the version pushed to reduce disconnects. In my experience, things are much better.

Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum will update to version  # on Wednesday. The version is listed as having Internal Fixes and Fixed EEP Regressions.

Rider Linden met with an SL group, Visionaire, to explain EEP. It is an hour plus video.

From the Server-Scripting UG: [12:34] Oz Linden: And we’ve already put in place a bunch of improvements [think detectors & stats] to our RC monitors to help prevent a similar recurrence (with more coming soon)

As of the 4/18 server change was to roll the server OS back. In doing so some are seeing less script time available. One or two have seen a drop from 100% of scripts to only 30% to 60% run.

Oz says they have lots of performance data for that metric. So, they will be checking as they move to re-upgrade the OS. The simulator OS has to update as part of the pre-move to the cloud.

There are other script performance things planned. So, the Lindens will add in a look at the script slowing issue along with those.

The Lab is considering changing the offline email. Now IM and Group Notices are sent as email when you are offline. The Lab will likely stop sending Group Notices as email. You’ll only get them when you log in.

The purpose is to make email more reliable and less often blocked as spam. In the process, they are considering giving us a bigger cue before messages/notices cap.

There is also an idea to change EVENTS so they send out notices. This would replace the Group Notice emails.

Fixing MP4 video is going to get another round of fixing… at least it is on the To Do list.


The main viewer is version The Estate Management Viewer released in week #17. There is a feature of EAM that is waiting on a server update. But, most of the function is there.

Second Life Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – Released week #13

Second Life EEP Viewer version – Released week, #16. They are still working viewer side rendering problems.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Released week #13.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in 2018 week #10.

The disconnect problems seem likely to have pulled people from various projects to find the problem. Oz Linden has mentioned having a large number of people working on the problem. It seems mostly fixed. I expect viewer development to pick up speed as people are returned to their projects.

Feels like home again

Feels like home again

Simon Linden at the Server-Scripting UG meeting was concerned some fixes may have aggravated other race problems. They have learned a bunch about the TP/Crossing problems. Plus, there is lots of tracking on crossing failures. So, they have lots of data to work with.

They are in the process of making some other problem fixes and improvements to crossings.

They have made some fixes for attachments dropping off on region TP/Crossings. Not out. Waiting on final tests of the Disconnect Fixes. But Oz Linden says soon. I take that in this case as a couple of weeks if things go well.

The Flickr problem is being investigated. BUG-226826Flickr posting is broken.

Other Viewers

Black Dragon – 3.4.7 is a bug fix release. The details are here. A fix is the camera jerkiness. It should fly away less often. But, seems there is still some jerk in some conditions. EAM – Estate Access Management is included in this version, better ban control.

For now, Niran seems to be deciding not to support EEP assets. We’ll have to see how that gets handled. Niran is that ranting guy you see swimming upstream. Niran has a rant somewhere in the forum.

Black Dragon is getting to be pretty well known among photographers. Every few days someone is talking about it in the ‘How’s your avatar look?’ thread.

Firestorm – The team has decided the Facebook API changes are such a problem the Facebook feature will be removed from Firestorm. If I understood Oz correctly the Lab is doing the same. Oz says they heard more complaints about Flickr than Facebook.

Other News

Hair Fair 2019 is coming. Designer applications are now open for Hair Fair 2019

If you make hair, facial hair, or hair bases please apply to help us help Wigs for Kids in this annual event, all information can be found on the website.

Ryan Schultz has an article titled How to Do Cam Shopping in Second Life: Yes, You Can Cam Shop from the Next Sim at Crowded SL Sales Events! I thought it obvious. But I suppose there are those that haven’t figured cam-shopping out or thought of it.

There are still more people that don’t know how to use the Internet than there are that do. And way more that use it and do not understand it or how it works.

★ We Love Roleplay, Birthday Photo Contest!!★

Photography Contest Rules for WLRP’s Birthday Round.

Let your creativity shine! However, no adult in nature pictures please (some nudity is fine, but no sex stuff)

1st place – 25,000L and early access for the rest of the year (2019)
2nd place – 15,000L and early access for the rest of the year (2019)
3rd place – 10,000L and early access for the rest of the year (2019)

Any person /brand currently associated with WLRP are not eligible. This includes bloggers and designers.

Winners announced June 4th. Submit your entry into our Flickr group

Dates of the contest – May4th – May 29th

User names only – no display names

Tag the photo with WLRPBDAY2019

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  1. “The Flickr problem is being investigated. BUG-226826 – Flickr posting is broken.”

    Actually, it has been fixed as of today. The forum topics about the Flickr upload problems confirm it, as has the Jiras about this ( and
    Kyle Linden says that LL did not do anything to make it work and that something on Flickr’s side suddenly started to work again.

  2. “The Lab will likely stop sending Group Notices as email.”
    Did they said why they would do that ?

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