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Something messed up in the blog. Seems the site got a roll back. Week 10 disappeared… not sure how long it was even up. Oh well…

So, I have reposted week 10 news in the previous article.

Comic-Style - Learning how...

Comic-Style – Learning how…


No server Deploy post as of Tuesday morning. There is a 16-hour old post this morning in last week’s that says no rolls this week… So, I guess no rolls.

OH… WAIT… The post appeared just after noon.

Main channel no roll. Remains on #

Blue Steel and Le Tigre roll to version # The changes are Internal Fixes (shocker) and fixes to EEP.

Magnum gets version # Just Internal Fixes.

I am seeing a few more people post about being logged off at 15 to 20 minutes. Some European people are dealing with huge packet loss. Russians are protesting Putin’s isolating the Russian Internet net from the rest of the world. Many thought it impossible. But China has done it, Google is helping. So, it looks like Putin will do it.

There is an ongoing thing with region owners notice less available script time. An investigation is on the Lindens to do list after EEP rolls out.


The main viewer remains version Released late in week #9.

Second Life EAM Viewer version – New. Previously updated in week #9.

Second Life EEP Viewer version – New. Previously updated last week, #10.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – New. Previously updated in week #04.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – – Last updated in 2018 week #10. We are at one year as of this week.

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – – Updated last in week, #8.

Third-Party Viewers

Black Dragon v3.4.4 Audible is out. As you might guess, this has sound fixes. One of which is going to the licensed version of FModEx, the sound engine used by Linden Lab. Plus the revised version checker the Lab switched to has changed and Niran included that in this version.

So, no changes… actually. But you may find this version a bit more buggy as Niran has not done a lot of testing on this one.

Recently there have been updates about every four days. So, dig through Niran’s blog for more details of past updates. Some of the recent work has been to improve performance.

Kokua Releases (NORLV) and 45241 (RLV/FTRLV) – This is mostly the changes cause by the Lab going to BugSplat error reporting. This version also includes an RLV update. Plus, there is an always-on RLV version. Meaning RLV is on and cannot be turned off.

RLV – This is a bug fix release. Marine says the attachments detaching after TP is fixed. Marine’s is a tri-fix. Firestorm uses a fix, Kokua uses a fix, and Cool Viewer uses a fix. Marine has put all three in the RLViewer. So, this may be the only viewer that doesn’t drop attachments.

This ‘fixes’ seem more like workarounds. But, if they stop the problem, does it matter?

Other News

Introducing Second Life Destinations: A New Travelogue Video Series – Last Wednesday the Lab introduced this new series of videos. Check them out as they arrive. It is planned to have a new one each week.

This week the Lab is featuring The Pen (The Teleport settings in the region are messed up. So, you end up down the street in front of Talpa’s Ice Cream. So walk East to the corner.) It is in the eastern part of the Sanara continent, a part of the mainland. You can drive in from the mainland. It is also accessible via air and sea. However, the nearest water access uses a 10-minute return and is no-rez. The parcel The Pen is on has a 20-minute return and no-rez. So, teleport in as there is no vehicle parking.

The closest rez points I found are the east seaplane ramp at the Bay City Airport, the taxiway rez zone, and Wellfleet Harbor. Bay City has a big runway. I also learned my H-160 will roll back into the water when I release the parking break. OOPS!

They have a get together at The Pen the first Tuesday of the month at 6PM SLT. Singing, readings, and… doing? Whatever ‘doing’ is.

I’m not sure what the point is of featuring a place that I think is normally deserted. It is cute. One could take pictures. But, it is like a two-minute check-it-out-stop… Maybe Tuesday is better.

2 thoughts on “Second Life News 2019 w11

  1. “Firestorm uses a fix, Kokua uses a fix, and Cool Viewer uses a fix.. Marine has put all three in the RLViewer. So, this may be the only viewer that doesn’t drop attachments.”
    Nope… You got it wrong.

    My fix is the only one necessary for my viewer, which does not drop any attachment with it, and this since I put it in place, back at the end of December 2018 (after I noticed the sudden attachment issue, which appeared just before Christmas).

    Firestorm got a workaround specific to the bogus code in v2+ viewers (that were already loosing attachments even before this server-side bogus messages issue that crept up mid-December 2018), but which is insufficient to fix the new server-side messaging issue.
    LL never got their attachment code right in v2+ viewers, largely because of their horrible COF code, riddled with race conditions. They even added special classes to track attachments over that code, making it an even uglier mess; I suspect the server-side issue we are seeing since December is actually a lame (since just as racy) attempt by LL to “fix” their viewer attachments issue with a server-side protocol (since, now, the departing sim sends “kill object” messages for your avatar attachments while the arriving sim sends “re-parenting” messages for them… alas, sometimes (often) this message is not received or incomplete, causing the attachments pseudo-loss/derendering).

    Kokua and Marine’s RLV are using both fixes (mine, since it’s the only one actually addressing the new messaging issue, and Firestorms’s, which my viewer does not need, to address the race conditions in LL’s v2+ viewer code).

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