Second Life Bits and Bites… 2019 w11

Yes… bites.

Skin Fair 2019 is here.

Skin Fair runs to Marth 24. Visit here: Visit the North Sim and Visit the South Sim.

Word is it is busy and hard to get into. Yeah, expected. Remember. Peak SL usage is between 2 and 3 PM SLT (PDT). Minimum use is 12 hours later… 2 to 3 AM. I didn’t have a problem getting in. I did get disconnected trying to walk across the region boundary. My second day visiting the regions were working better. But I was chicken to walk across.

The regions are laggy, 35+ avatars in each of the two regions. The sim performance is decent stats-wise, but walking is a pain. I land, move out of the way and then flycam through the event.

The whole SL blogosphere (Strawberry’s video 1hr 54min) is covering Skin Fair. So, I’ll skip repeating their coverage. The official(?) announcement in the SL Blog/Forum is here: Second Life Destinations: Skin Fair. Grab your fair grounds map at Pale Girl Productions.

‘Birth’ has a Mr. Lee skin for a Catwa head that makes an AWESOME male avatar. I’m trying to steel the promo for it to hang on my bedroom wall.

And next…

Announcing “SL16B” – Second Life’s Sweet Sixteen!

Posted today 3/14, the Lindens announced the coming SL16B, Announcing “SL16B” – Second Life’s Sweet Sixteen! The celebration will be June 20th, 2019 through – July 8th, 2019.

For shoppers, this year’s event will have an in-world multi-region shopping. Yay! Of course, there will be music, gifts, and parties.


Inara in her Modem Living blog is on about a piano new on the market, The Culprit Sonata Baby Grand Piano. You can see all the fun stuff made by Culprit here. The baby grand is only at the Boardwalk Event.

It is well modeled and the animations are Bento, meaning your fingers move. They are realistic enough for great still photos. The animations change to match the music being played. So, they are reasonably good for video, but still a long way from RL-ish.

The Save All for avatar position works very nicely. In most AVsitter controlled furniture the animations have to be handled on a per animation basis. Annoying. For AVsitter’s Save All to work correctly the ‘furniture’ has to be setup correctly. It seems the Culprit people have it figured out.

Culprit makes a lot of stuff, from fun little decorations to large buildings and a whole range of toys and furniture (PG/Adult).

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