Second Life News 2017 w37


The main channel updated to version # Internal fixes…

The Blue Steel channel updated to version # Internal fixes…

Le Tigre and Magnum updated to version # Internal fixes…




Oops – Land Impact Increase

Seems the system had a problem last week. There is a discussion about it on SLUniverse. After a restart, people were getting stuff returned like crazy. It is hard to know how wide spread the problem may have been. Few people are writing anything Google can find.

People are reporting stores jumping from 40 Land Impact (LI) to 400 LI. No small problem. 

See JIRA Report 1 – Creator Howl Howley’s store went from 41LI to 390LI with vendors returned. And see
JIRA Report 2. Also see the forum thread: Heads Up – You might want to check your sims after the downtime. There are links to additional threads in this thread, thanks Whirly.

Carina Asbrink asked be about it, which is how I found out. I no longer keep a store in-world. And my house is in the main channel… so it is still standing.

You may remember, last week Monday was a holiday and there was no main channel roll out. Presumably this was happening only on the RC channels, that changed. However, my home region did update today. I don’t see a jump in prim count.

At the Server Scripting meeting the subject came up. Oz Linden responded, “The problem is pretty well understood, and we’re working on it… it’s actually been around for a long time, but some bad luck has triggered it a couple of times lately. It can happen on any restart, but only if there are other simultaneous backend problems.

We do have a change in progress that we think will prevent that kind of large scale returns … or at least that particular way of triggering them.”

There is a thing about fixing griefer crashes. Seems some take those a challenge. So, announcing them is sort of asking for trouble. So, Oz says, “…’internal fixes’ is our being general and deliberately obscure.”

You’ll also see server versions named 5#####. This denotes the software was built using the Lindens new build engine, which is really an extreme case of an internal change. Oz says, “We have a system that assigns unique numbers to builds across multiple platforms… that part of the build system was completely redone, and to avoid possible number collisions we left a big gap between them.”

Oz, “There’s quite a bit of infrastructure getting done for EEP, and Rider has been yanked off for other urgent things all the while, but he’s making good progress.” EEP is the extensions coming to Windlight


Main viewer:

Second Life Alex Ivy Viewer version – This version just updated on my computer. In the release notes, it shows a release date of 9/5. So… I suppose I may not have used the Linden viewer for a week… ? It is the Linden 64-bit that I use when using the Linden Viewer.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This shows as release 9/11/2017 about noon. There are 48 changes, improvements, and fixes. See the release notes for details. The only thing interesting me is SL-717 – Additional search options for inventory window.  I can’t get into that JIRA, so I can’t tell what they added. But, better search is way welcome.

Second Life Voice Viewer version – No updates since last week.

Second Life Wolfpack Viewer version – This is the main viewer version, but with more logging information reported. Quoting the Lindens, “This viewer is identical to release, but adds logging to help us catch some squirrelly issues.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – No updates since last week. We are told this viewer is getting work and an update will show up soon.

Kokua Viewer has had some recent updates Sept. 5 & 6. (link) There are 2 version of the viewer in regard to RLV, one with and one without.

The Firestorm Viewer team celebrated their 7th birthday. They typically have a party and some free stuff. They did this year. The free gift is a cute donkey, which is so funny and the inspiration for a continual stream of jokes.

Cool VL Viewer has a 2017-09-09 release out. I don’t use the viewer because of the V1 user interface. However, this viewer usually has the user-annoying problems fixed. Often well before other viewers. So, if you have a viewer related problem in SL and need to get around it, try this viewer.

The Black Dragon Viewer is out in a 64-bit version. (9/5) It is FASTER than the 32-bit version. If you love the Firestorm Photo Tools, I do, and still want something a bit different for creation of eye-catching images consider this viewer.

Restrained Life Viewer – 5/25/2017 – (Download) For getting your kink on, this is a good choice. Kitty, the coder, has many creative things for sale in SL, besides compiling this viewer. The current item is an Applier HUD for wet skin, from a lite warm day sheen, to an Irma soaked dripping version.  (MarketplaceDemo) You need to check your compatibility before buying. This is for mesh bodies. For me, not having a mesh head, the effect is incomplete. But, it is pretty awesome. But unfortunately, with Slink the all in one HUD didn’t work… that may be my region or viewer acting up. The shine is via specular map, so you must have ALM enabled. This is HAWT.


From the Third-Party Dev meeting, we heard the Linden viewers have dropped their crash rate. Rates are still higher than the Lindens like and work is on-going to reduce the crash rate. If you read the Maintenance version’s release notes you notice several fixes for crash problems.

Apparently, according to Linden data, most viewers have had higher crash rates for the last few months. I know the Firestorm Viewer often crashes on exit, at least for me. And I have the perception that viewers have been crashing more often this year. But, I can remember times, years ago, when I couldn’t stay on line for an hour. So… it’s a relative thing…

You’ll find that some third-party dev’s are removing the viewer update code the Lindens wrote. Seems it has problems. I haven’t seen any with the Linden viewers, but I’m not using them that often, so…

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