Second Life Tutorial: RLV, Mesh, and Folders – How it works, How to Use

Mesh Bodies, Head, Hands, and Feet

Many people making mesh bodies and clothes do not set the attachment point for their creation. That means the system uses the default attachment point: right hand. What can happen in RLV areas is handcuffs and other items can be force attached to the right hand, thus pushing your mesh or other attachments worn on the right hand to detach.



The solution is to attach your mesh body, head, hands, and feet to attachment points other than the right hand. Also, using a newer attachment point the older RLV toys don’t know about means the items won’t be removed. You have to test that idea with your stuff. As whether it works or not depends on how the RLV thing was programmed.

The list of attachment points is in your viewer and a list is here: LSL Scripting – llAttachToAvatar(). The list in the wiki also includes the new Project Bento attachment points. They were only active (June 2016) if you used a Project Bento viewer. Now, 2018, most viewers are Bento capable.

A good point for attaching the mesh body is avatar center/root. Mesh feet and hands can be attached here too but, you have to make sure things use ADD not WEAR. With rigged mesh, the attachment point has no effect on where the mesh appears. Rigged mesh position on the avatar is controlled by the designer when they create the mesh. Users cannot change it. So, any attachment point is OK to use with rigged mesh.

Serenity Lost provides a Role Play capture game. They have an excellent page on troubleshooting problems that occur with their HUD and RLV. See: RLV: Mesh and the Fun of Poor Design. If things aren’t working read through their troubleshooting tips.

There is also a thing called a folder lock. I have found that using locks whether in the relay or another app can be a problem. Using folders avoids those problems. But, relay locks work well for lite use.

Mesh Clothes

For mesh tops, you need to use the chest attachment point for the item to be removable. For pants and skirts use the pelvis or stomach attachment points.

If you are wearing alpha layers with your mesh clothes, only done with the classic body, you will need to setup a folder in #RLV for your outfits. I understand the Satomi Relay can help set up a folder with the clothing item and its alpha layer. I haven’t tried it.

In general, if you wear outfits setup in the #RLV folders and wear a collar or similar device, other people can undress you item by item. Which items are removed is controlled by how you set up folders in #RLV.


  • Keep the folders no more than 3 levels deep within #RLV.
  • Prefix folder names with + to have RLV ADD items.
  • Omit prefixes to RLV WEAR items.
  • Prefix folders with ‘.’ To hide them from various RLV menus.
  • Folders named #RLV/~something or ~something are folders you can safely delete. These are folders installed by various RLV toys. You’ll find cuffs or other items need for a specific toy often placed in ~ folders.
  • Folders prefixed with ‘-‘ are items that are intended to be removed. I’m really fuzzy on how these are to be used. I’m not currently using any of these folders.


Most collars and other RLV controls are limited to what happens in Second Life. Most… is my opinion. But, there are collars that use cloud connections to get reports on your submissive and track them throughout Second Life, beyond what the SL system will allow. This is done by having the collar send information to an outside server. The data is collected. When the ‘master’ or dom checks with the system and they get a report.

KDC ~Kyrah Design Concept~ refined bdsm creations & fetishwear, dead realm (128, 128, 602) - Moderate

KDC ~Kyrah Design Concept~ refined bdsm creations & fetishwear, dead realm (128, 128, 602) – Moderate

Nova Collar is one such system. In-world shop (6/2016). I have not used it. From the promotional material, it looks impressive. The Dom can force commands on the sub without the dom being logged into SL. I’m not sure why that would be fun… but I’m sure some are enjoying that level of control.

RLV Places

Once you think you have your relay and/or collar figured out you need a place to try it out. I suggest starting with a deserted region. Try out some toys that capture and strip. You’ll quickly find out what you may have missed and be able to correct it. Way better than having things go wrong while in the middle of an exciting role play.

Ēlýsion - Pay to Play RLV Region

Ēlýsion – Pay to Play Adult Region

Those thinking about Gor role play are advised by the experienced that those wanting to be anything other than a slave: Gor is not for the total novice. Novices more often than not end up someone’s slave. So, be advised to prepare and do your homework before attempting to play in Gor.

A quiet place to try is Xylophilous (6/2016). Go through the trap door just near the landing point. You’ll need RLV active and, depending on your relay/collar, capture active. A couple of traps are puzzles. Fortunately, most of the timeouts are only 60 seconds.

S & L Storage is good for meeting other people. It is a bigger place then it first appears.

Lockme is another place where you can meet people using RLV.

Dangerous is a fun place to play. Depending on when you are there, people are around. But, you probably will want someone with you. Many of the toys prevent you from using them solo.

Enslaved looks to be a busy place…

RLV Tutorial – Marine Kelley’s explanation of how RealRestraints are changing.

Pay to Join Places

There are a number of places that require you join their group to enter the region. There are multiple reasons for the imposition. I significant one is griefing.

Those engaged in adult play are often the target of griefers with social maladjustments, misconceptions of moral codes, and/or just a basic fascist nature of wanting to control others. (I don’t mean the dominance/submission style of control but, socio-political control.)

With that in mind, what are the typical costs? I’m not sure there is a “typical” cost. Ēlýsion costs L$650 or US$2.54 at today’s (6/25/2016) exchange rates.


If you know fun RLV places, let me know.

If you find mistakes or parts are unclear, let me know.

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  1. Cool VL Viewer, UKanDo Viewer, and Kokua Viewer all use RLV as well, and then Singularity, Black Dragon, and Alchemy Viewers use RLVa (with Singularity adding some home brewed updates to it).
    Cool VL Viewer:
    UKanDo Viewer:
    Kokua Viewer:
    Singularity Viewer:
    Black Dragon Viewer:
    Alchemy Viewer:

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  3. Since this is pretty high up on google when searching for BARE I thought I’d make an update:

    The best practice since 2015 for BARE is to use the JasX HUD for outfits. It has the benefits of working with all JasX games, being open source, moddable and usable by other non-jasx products for stripping and gender detection.

  4. Hi,

    very nice from you to teach us how to make a folder to keep your mesh avatar together when stripped…

    But you forgot the important part, how to make a folder so your Dom can strip you…

    There are lot of pages where people explain how your Dom can use folders to make you add this or that content of the folder to your nude avatar…

    But no one explain hoew to prepare a folder to get you naked in the first place!!

    And of course there is no button in Open Collar to strip you of everything you are wearing…

    Please, could you update this blog to include how to prepare a naked folder, so your dom can undress you?

    Thanks in advance.

    • You are missing the idea… If you know how to make an RLV outfit you know how to make a nude outfit. Plus generally, you want to make a nude outfit so ‘strip’ commands work without stipping off skin and head.

  5. Hey, complete SL newbie here trying to get to grips with this RLV malarky:
    I’m not sure if anyone still monitors these posts, but here’s a question…
    For RLV to work, do the residents participating have to be in an RLV enabled zone? My partner and I tried to use her RLV collar and attach myself as an owner but it keeps saying that I am not in range – even though I’m standing right next to her. We were in my Linden premium home.

    • The SL servers, or we can say regions, are not involved in RLV. It is strictly a viewer to viewer thing. So it is not the “region” that is the issue.
      Make sure you are using an RLV enabled viewer, whether you wear a collar/relay or not.

      I’m not doing much with the blog. So, I did not see your post until now. You can always IM me in-world.

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