Second Life Tutorial: RLV, Mesh, and Folders – How it works, How to Use

This means the common to all viewers: Appearance->Outfits. There is nothing special to do, we just make an outfit and save it. This outfit will contain links to all the components that make up my nude avatar.

Female Genitalia X5 Release?

Female Genitalia X5 Release?

For my basic nude avatar, I have an outfit I named Nude 2016 Slink. This is what I think of as a starter outfit.  When I start a new outfit and want to use a mesh body, this is my starting point. Normally I wear this outfit via Replace and then begin dressing. I can use it to build what I need for any RLV setup.

I also have a Nude 2016 SlinkX. The ‘X’ is for !Xcite. It has all my genitals, relays, and collars added. You decide how you want your nude self to be equipped and make an Outfit with those items.

I create a folder for RLV named .Core (nostrip) under #RLV. This folder will contain the items I want to remain on the avatar when it is completely stripped i.e., body, feet, etc. The dot/period before the name tells RLV devices not to show that folder in RLV menus. You find such menus in collars and other devices that allow people to dress or undress you. My thinking is they don’t need to be taking off my body or feet.

The (nostrip) text tells the RLV system the things in this folder are never to be removed. This doesn’t mean you won’t find some device/toy somewhere that ignores this convention and proceeds to mess you up. Then it is really handy to have that nude outfit for a quick recovery.

Once I have the nude Outfit, I need to copy those things into the folder: #RLV/.Core (nostrip). Open two inventory windows, use the GEAR icon in your inventory panel. In one scroll to the #RLV folder and your nostrip folder. In the other navigate to My Outfits->[your nude outfit], whatever you named it.

The reason you have to have made the Outfit using Appearance->Outfits is so the outfit is created using LINKS. It is important you use LINKS not copies of the actual items. You can use the items if you want. But, no-copy and no-mod items will be a pain in this setup.

RLV doesn’t care if you use an item or link. I am saying use links because doing so avoids other problems, like the issues with no-copy items.

With two inventory panels open there are two ways to copy links from a folder in one to another folder in the second inventory panel. Right-click in the folder in Outfits and then copy-paste into a folder in #RLV. Using key shortcuts (Ctrl-C) for copy in Outfits and (Ctrl-V ) paste in #RLV doesn’t work in the viewers I’ve tested. So, select the parts of the outfit and right-click to choose COPY. Then select your target folder inside the #RLV folder and right-click PASTE.

Another process, DRAGGING, is more complex but it has advantages in some cases. Now drag items from the My Outfits->[your outfit name] folder to the #RLV->.Core (nostrip) folder. You will see the item disappear from the folder in My Outfits and appear in the folder in #RLV->.Core (nostrip). Next drag the item back from the folder in #RLV->.Core (nostrip) to the original folder in My Outfits. The item will STAY in the folder in #RLV and a copy will appear in the folder in Outfits at the top of the folder.

Do this for all the items that you want to be part of your basic nude avatar. I have no idea why the odd drag thing works as it does. I do know it works where the normal COPY doesn’t. Of course, if you don’t plan to keep or use the nude Outfit you made from Appearance->Outfits, you don’t need to drag items back from the #RLV folders. I do that because I plan to use the Appearance->Outfits outfit.

Whichever way you do it, you now have your RLV setup to keep your mesh avatar together when stripped.

The only magic in this process is in the naming of the #RLV folders and naming subfolders with prefixes and suffixes. In some cases the hierarchy is important. You have to play with your chosen RLV collar/device to figure out what works. Better collars have test features for your folders and other setup aspects.
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8 thoughts on “Second Life Tutorial: RLV, Mesh, and Folders – How it works, How to Use

  1. Cool VL Viewer, UKanDo Viewer, and Kokua Viewer all use RLV as well, and then Singularity, Black Dragon, and Alchemy Viewers use RLVa (with Singularity adding some home brewed updates to it).
    Cool VL Viewer:
    UKanDo Viewer:
    Kokua Viewer:
    Singularity Viewer:
    Black Dragon Viewer:
    Alchemy Viewer:

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  3. Since this is pretty high up on google when searching for BARE I thought I’d make an update:

    The best practice since 2015 for BARE is to use the JasX HUD for outfits. It has the benefits of working with all JasX games, being open source, moddable and usable by other non-jasx products for stripping and gender detection.

  4. Hi,

    very nice from you to teach us how to make a folder to keep your mesh avatar together when stripped…

    But you forgot the important part, how to make a folder so your Dom can strip you…

    There are lot of pages where people explain how your Dom can use folders to make you add this or that content of the folder to your nude avatar…

    But no one explain hoew to prepare a folder to get you naked in the first place!!

    And of course there is no button in Open Collar to strip you of everything you are wearing…

    Please, could you update this blog to include how to prepare a naked folder, so your dom can undress you?

    Thanks in advance.

    • You are missing the idea… If you know how to make an RLV outfit you know how to make a nude outfit. Plus generally, you want to make a nude outfit so ‘strip’ commands work without stipping off skin and head.

  5. Hey, complete SL newbie here trying to get to grips with this RLV malarky:
    I’m not sure if anyone still monitors these posts, but here’s a question…
    For RLV to work, do the residents participating have to be in an RLV enabled zone? My partner and I tried to use her RLV collar and attach myself as an owner but it keeps saying that I am not in range – even though I’m standing right next to her. We were in my Linden premium home.

    • The SL servers, or we can say regions, are not involved in RLV. It is strictly a viewer to viewer thing. So it is not the “region” that is the issue.
      Make sure you are using an RLV enabled viewer, whether you wear a collar/relay or not.

      I’m not doing much with the blog. So, I did not see your post until now. You can always IM me in-world.

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