Is Second Life Sex More Fun than RL Sex?

Someone got the idea to run a poll of which sex is more fun, RL or SL/Virtual sex. RL won, no surprise there. But, 36% thought Second Life™ sex was more fun… hummm.

On a side note: It is the owner of Basilique, the place where the Lindens are doing their meet up today, that conducted the study: Canary Beck.

Maria Korolov posted a link to a recent study of sex in SL in her: Survey: virtual sex less fun, but more liberated.

The full study she refers to is here:  Second Life sex versus real life sex. It is long and well worth reading. I touch on JUST the parts I found really interesting.

Goddess Xita

Goddess Xita by Alice DiXita, on Flickr

No surprise, they found in a 2012 study and this recent study that sexual practices in Real Life and Second Life differ. So, you are not the only one that is more kinky in SL than RL. 

I find it really interesting that people found their Second Life romances and relationships more satisfying than their real life romances. I could speculate on why but, I’ll just say I think it is an aspect of communication.

The level of sexual satisfaction is about the same in Second Life as it is in real life. 43% are more satisfied with SL sexuality (per the study – do they mean sexuality = sex?) and 42% with real life sexuality. I prefer RL sex… but, SL sex is pretty good.

Hummmmmmm… now that has me wondering. Obviously we cannot touch or hug in our virtual love making. Touches and hugs are a big thing for me. I love the feel of my breasts and tummy on skin. Holding and being held, locking my legs around… well… those are things virtual love making doesn’t offer… or if it does I need some lessons on how to make that leg lock thing work in SL love making.

They found SL relationships are shorter than RL ones. I’m not surprised, but I’m not sure what to make of that. I know I can be more promiscuous in SL. I think it is much easier to hook up in SL. I’m certainly not as careful in picking a lover in SL as I am in RL. I know I can mute jerks and mostly be done with them. I’m still looking for the mute switch for a couple of RL people…

Of the 267 respondents 64% were sexually active in SL. that’s 2 of 3 people. I would like to see a breakdown of that by gender. I also wonder if hetro, homo, or bi makes a difference in the sexually active rate?

The only unusual aspect of the study is that it gathered in those people active in SL outside the virtual in-world experience. They distributed the questions via blogs and social media. So, it is not just those that do SL only in-world. I think this is a special group of people, those that read the blogs and forms related to Second Life. While I think such people are … I’ll say intelligent, I couldn’t prove it. 

6 thoughts on “Is Second Life Sex More Fun than RL Sex?

  1. I think the satisaction factor when it comes to SLex is that you can get something that you cant get in RL, even if it is more in the realm of a well played out fantasy, rather than a real event. Think of all the cliches that have more than a drop of truth to them: the bored suburban hosuewive who could never be kinky in RL but can be a pornstar slut in SL. The middle-aged teacher who can live out their BDSM fantasies on SL whereas in RL they cant. Or the overweight nerd who just cant get laid in RL and who can be a sex toy magnate on SL.

    That is the beauty and danger of SL. Well, one of them.

    As a side note: love the light, playful and very … hmm.. personal mood/style that this article was written in. Made me smile and snicker a lot.

    • The article is well written.

      I am sure some people do find their satisfaction factors from the aspects you list. But, I think there are far more factors than you listed.

  2. First off, thank you very much for sharing your perspective on my study – I appreciate it!

    Where you state: “The article is not clear on which sub-group they are referring to when they say 36% of the group has sex daily or weekly. That same sub-group is having RL sex monthly or yearly. “, I will clarify.

    The sub-group I’m referring are the 36% of respondents that said they find Second Life more fun than real life sex. 37% of that specific group are having sex in Second Life between daily and weekly.

    Hope that helps! And thanks again for your kind words about the way I presented my findings. All the best 🙂

    • I enjoyed the study and your writing style. It conveys a well adjusted and realistic view of sex and its place in our virtual world. Thanks. I look for forward to your next poll/study.

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