So… How Sex Crazed is Second Life?

I like to question my thinking, prejudices, biases, and beliefs. Too many in our society have no skepticism and to be non-PC; are simply gullible. So, I really question what I hear people saying. When Hamlet says we have all these pornographic regions devoted to sex and violence…. Do we?

125 Reflecting in the gloom

125 Reflecting in the gloom by Erika Xaron, on Flickr

Ricco Saenz wrote an article that is right in line with the irreverent questioning I enjoy. See: A pornographic tour. Ricco takes a look at many of the adult regions that Hamlet pointed to to support his statement that sex is big in Second Life™. Ricco provides a deeper look at Hamlet’s porno regions. I think it will revise your thinking on how pornographic the adult regions are… well, aren’t. 

Drax and Jo

Jo and Drax got Hamlet to come on the Drax Radio Hour to talk about the issue. See Show 68. Start at about the 5 minute mark. The discussion lasts to the 30 minute mark. In the blog post for the show is the link to the full interview: Hamlet unedited.

Honour McMillan posted her thoughts in her blog, which are kind of a rebuttal to Hamlet here: Living in a Second Life Bowl full of Perverted Monkey Sex.


Most of the recent debate and discussion is about what people think should be the way Second Life is reported on to those unfamiliar with Second Life. What constitutes intellectual honesty and journalistic integrity when writing about SL? Everyone has different ideas about that.


I find it interesting that Hamlet is discussing how reporting and writing should be done from a principal based viewpoint. Jo and Drax seem to be coming from a much more situational ethics perspective. This is sort of the different of how should reporting be done verses how should Second Life be written about. The later being the up and coming criteria for for what passes as journalism today. Ask George Stephanopoulos…

For me the real question is: if we have free speech then is there any way to get people to conform to our idea of how things should be? And if there isn’t, what are we doing? Are we pursuing intellectual honesty? The field of journalism has debated the standards they believe enhances their profession. Are we going to decide what we think of an article based on those standards or our opinion of the moment?

Is this just an exercise in defining a SHOULD so we can beat up (bully?) those that don’t conform? Or are we creating a space in which to gripe and complain? Or may we are creating an agenda for promoting our preferences?

And why do we want people to conform? Isn’t diversity a good thing and how do we have diversity if people are not expressing different ideas and ways of thinking? Aren’t the actions of pseudo-liberal students on campuses that interrupt speeches by those they disapprove of a repudiation of all they say/think they believe in? Aren’t they actually more fascist than liberal?

But… to answer the opening question, how crazed is Second Life when it comes to sex? I think the real answer depends on you. The level of crazy is a matter of how we project our beliefs and thinking on Second Life… sort of the color-of-glasses we wear. So… how sex crazed are you?

We could run a survey to get a sense of how many of we SL residents are into SL sex… oh wait, someone did that: Is Second Life Sex More Fun than RL Sex?

Drax’s experience is he doesn’t see that much sex in SL. Hamlet’s experience is he stumbles into it. I live next to Mama Chin’s so I’ve been meeting sissy-boys… a group of preferences and behaviors I was unaware of. On the other side is Jaci’s pyramid with BDSM/RLV toys. I’m sort of surrounded. I am only one region south of a Linden landing point/hub. The occasional erect noobie wonders through asking for me to do him… I am so glad I have an EJECT option on my land. But, I still don’t see that much sex happening.

Our experiences are uniquely individual. So, while there is something that is Second Life and how it actually is, I suspect no one can actually see what that is. I think that is why polls, surveys, and studies are so interesting to us, at least to me. I get an idea of where my crazy fits into the world.

6 thoughts on “So… How Sex Crazed is Second Life?

  1. I’ll be waiting to see if Utherverse buys Second Life from Linden Labs when LL decides to ditch it for the new start on thier new platform….they will need the capital to keep the new one afloat fo awhile….hehehe.

    • Very seldom does a company sell off their cash cow. The cash cow usually only ever goes with purchase of the entire farm. So, I don’t expect to see SANSAR and SL separated.

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