Second Life: Meet a Linden Today

Today is the day for the Lindens to get in-world and mingle with the masses… well, whatever mass will fit in the region Our Island aka Basilique. The meet up starts at 1 PM SLT today, 5/14.

Basilique Dress Code - 2015

Basilique Dress Code – 2015

Seems everyone in the SL blogosphere is publishing the time and location. Since this is a single region without any adjacent regions, I expect it to fill up quickly and be hard if not impossible to get into. When I checked out the location at 8:30 AM there were already people camping out. Checking the map later, about 10 AM, it seems the region is already starting to fill up.

I suggest you link in way early to load your cache and hopefully fill the CDN caches. I am not sure 40 to 80 people can cause much affect on CDN servers. My viewer cache never seems to do much. My home takes time to reload every time I return home, no matter how many times per day I return. Firestorm isn’t much better, but it does show I have a high cache hit rate… But, theoretically it should help.

I hear the population limit for Basilique has been raised 100.

You need to consider your Avatar Render Cost before heading to Basilique. Wear something simple and get your script count down. Remember: The Jelly Babies Are Coming. You can take advantage of this still hidden feature of the SL Viewer by changing a couple of Debug Settings. That can help your FPS.

The dress code that Basilique has probably won’t be enforced today. I doubt they will be ejecting furries. If your nude, good chance you’ll get booted. I suppose you CAN wear underwear, even if the sign literally says no underwear…  do they really mean we have go commando?

I don’t recommend using Second Life 3.7.29 (301305) for your visit to Basilique. I had problems with it as I explorered Basilique this morning. FPS 5 to 10… pings hitting 4,000+ while my system ping to the server listed in help remained around 114ms. I even rebooted and shut down some of my background programs to try and improve performance.

I had better performance with Firestorm. I think their cache works better then the SL Viewer’s cache. I don’t let the two viewers share a cache. But the CDN cache should have been hot after my previous visit with the SL Viewer.

The region is gorgeously built. Seems to be mostly mesh. Not too many large textures.

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