Is Second Life Sex More Fun than RL Sex?

I find it sort of obvious that 92% of the 36% percent finding SL sex more fun than RL sex want their RL sex to be like what they have in SL. I mean, wouldn’t you want more fun?


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The article is not clear on which sub-group they are referring to when they say 36% of the group has sex daily or weekly. That same sub-group is having RL sex monthly or yearly. Of the larger group of SL peeps having sex 11% have it daily or weekly. Fascinating. People are horny.

An interesting aspect of sex in SL is that those having sex seem to stay in SL longer. I wonder what that information does for the Lab’s thinking on whether to have sex in The Next Generation Platform, Project SANSAR?

It is not surprising to me that we are way more kinky in SL than we are in RL. In this study, often by a factor of 4 or 5 times more kinky.

Canary gets into the idea people have about Second Life and sex. From the information in the study one can easily make the claim that sex is the killer app of Second Life. That people think there is something bad about sex in Second Life is also pointed out as an oddity… or may be non-sequitur would be a better term.

I have no doubt our biggest problem with sex in SL is in balance. I like a man with a hard on. But, I don’t like noobies walking around with erections. That dichotomy is a balance thing. While hard to describe, it is perfectly clear to me what the problem is and what I do and don’t like. I think in some way that balance thing holds for all of us. The challenge is its being a different balance point for all of us.

There is that problem of I love him but not this other guy. I want that woman, but not that other woman. So, how do they approach us and not offend or annoy us? It isn’t easy and coming up with a balanced approach. Often what is tried doesn’t work. How many horrible pickup lines have herd? Or worse… used?

The article is long, well written, and I think way worth the time to read. I hope to see Drax and Jo do a show on the study. This is a subject where we need to grow up, get some perspective and honesty, and treat it like the real aspect of Second Life that it is.

At some future time Canary is going to do another study of sex in Second Life. Now I have to go see if I can get lucky…

6 thoughts on “Is Second Life Sex More Fun than RL Sex?

  1. I think the satisaction factor when it comes to SLex is that you can get something that you cant get in RL, even if it is more in the realm of a well played out fantasy, rather than a real event. Think of all the cliches that have more than a drop of truth to them: the bored suburban hosuewive who could never be kinky in RL but can be a pornstar slut in SL. The middle-aged teacher who can live out their BDSM fantasies on SL whereas in RL they cant. Or the overweight nerd who just cant get laid in RL and who can be a sex toy magnate on SL.

    That is the beauty and danger of SL. Well, one of them.

    As a side note: love the light, playful and very … hmm.. personal mood/style that this article was written in. Made me smile and snicker a lot.

    • The article is well written.

      I am sure some people do find their satisfaction factors from the aspects you list. But, I think there are far more factors than you listed.

  2. First off, thank you very much for sharing your perspective on my study – I appreciate it!

    Where you state: “The article is not clear on which sub-group they are referring to when they say 36% of the group has sex daily or weekly. That same sub-group is having RL sex monthly or yearly. “, I will clarify.

    The sub-group I’m referring are the 36% of respondents that said they find Second Life more fun than real life sex. 37% of that specific group are having sex in Second Life between daily and weekly.

    Hope that helps! And thanks again for your kind words about the way I presented my findings. All the best 🙂

    • I enjoyed the study and your writing style. It conveys a well adjusted and realistic view of sex and its place in our virtual world. Thanks. I look for forward to your next poll/study.

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