Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709

My laptop and desktop have both updated with a new, big update recently. So, what changed?

Microsoft tells us we can now have 3D models… really!?! There is a Mixed Reality Viewer and a Mixed Reality Portal. The viewer will allow you to view 3D models and turn them 360×360. If you have a camera connected to your computer you can put the model in the image the camera is capturing.

Mixed Reality Viewer – 2017-Oct


Microsoft quickly points one to a site they call Remix 3D, to get more 3D models. It requires a Microsoft account. Unless you are particularly alert, you had to open a Microsoft account to get your Windows 10 working. So, for most this won’t be a problem. But, opening a new account is easy. – This MS Account thing is obviously some nefarious plot to enslave the world… 

Remix 3D – 3D Models

You’ll get logged into LIVE and XBOX plus all your other Microsoft accounts when you log into LIVE. I see this as Microsoft copying Google’s idea of one account for everything. If you work with seniors, you’ll start to understand what a problem multiple accounts and passwords are for them. So, this has its good points… as much as I dislike it and see it as a huge security risk.

Viewer File Types

Remix opens in the viewer app. My link takes you to the website. There is a ToS and it seems to say everything uploaded remains yours and other users would need to pay you for their use of it. So, for Second Life users Microsoft is not providing a clean ‘you can use it in SL’ statement. You would need to chase down the rights-holder and get permission to give it to Linden Lab® before uploading to SL.

You can transfer the 3D models to Microsoft’s 3D Paint. I haven’t played with 3D Paint that much. But, from both apps you and export and import FBX models. So, this is usable with Blender and Sansar. It may be a good starting place for those new to 3D modeling. But, these apps seem like toys and will probably never get one to an advanced level.

This upgrades PowerPoint in that you can place 3D objects in a presentation and animate them. They aren’t clear on which versions of PP will handle the 3D models. So, if you present at various venues, make sure you can use your own equipment and software.

Emoji stuff… when in Word or other MS apps you can now press the Windows-key and period to open an emoji window and insert emojis.

Contacts… we can now pin them to the Taskbar.

Skype… is being integrated more and more into Windows. So, you can use that pinned contact to open Skype and make a call.

Pin Bookmarks… You can now pin bookmarks to the Taskbar and open Edge, the lame Microsoft browser with the handy feature of drawing on web pages…

Another service… Voice

Dictation… This feature is popping up everywhere. If you have a microphone hooked up to the computer, press the Windows-key and H and start talking. Well… not quite. You will need to turn on another Microsoft service and be connected to the Internet. Also, you’ll have to allow your voice to be stored in the Microsoft’s cloud. You get to set some privacy settings… like that will protect you. I will hand it to Microsoft, they appear to be pushing back on Big Government wanting access to everything you do and say.

There is better handwriting software in this version. That is for those using digital pens on screen, tablet users. They have a video up and more details here.


There is some fun stuff to play with. But, nothing much that will help Second Life users. I suppose those that are curious about 3D modeling and have not yet started using tools common to SL will find it fun.

To update or not update? It isn’t like we have a choice. Updates always have security improvements. We have to have those. So, we don’t have to use the new stuff, but we are stuck with the update. We certainly do not have to log into LIVE.

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  1. I have taken to calling the major version changes “upgrades” as opposed to the usual updates. Upgrades are distinguished by the way they install; they use the install utility (like you got on a stick if you built your own). Basicly you are installing a completely new OS, all the old updates are wiped and new code installed, only your preferences remain.

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