Windows 10 Spring Update – Part II

Here is the scoop on the Windows update… Does it work with Second Life™? Short answer, yes.

This morning I had an update notice… maybe ‘warning’ is more accurate. I choose to go ahead with it. They warn it may take longer than most updates. It took between 60 and 90 minutes. (i5-6600k @ 4.1GHz) So, you may want to choose a time to update, they give you the option to schedule the update, which is smart.

Life Goes On, Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown, or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could have been...

Life Goes On, Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown, or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could have been…

I’ve noticed a few complaints in the Second Life forum. Seems some are having issues with NVIDIA drivers. My NVIDIA 388.13 ( made the transition. But a couple of my hardware monitoring tools didn’t make it.

Win 10 removes those apps it thinks are incompatible. Seems the nanny-state propaganda is soaking in everywhere. So, Microsoft in its awesome wisdom is taking care of us. The language I would use to thank them is generally considered inappropriate.

Apparently, Firestorm and Linden viewers are considered appropriate. Firestorm launches and runs. Everything seems to run. On my front porch I get about 58 FPS. In January with 5.0.11 I was getting about 90. In my green screen room at 1500m I was getting 140 FPS and now 180. Jumping over to the near buy newbie hub, I was getting 40-50 FPS with 20± people around. With 28 around (according to world map) I get 57±. For easier comparison; Continue reading

January Windows Update

You may have noticed your Windows machine installing a large update. This update is MOSTLY said to be in prerelease. But, I’ve seen some machines update. Also, there is some confusion as what the actual release build is named, 17083 or …

Here are some of the changes.

My main machine has not updated yet. I’m still on something.

Nothing Earth shaking.

Will Win 10 Creators Update Kill Second Life?

There is some consternation about a Windows 10 update: Creators Update. It is a free Win 10 update. My headline is hype. Nobody seems to know how it will work with Second LifeTM. However, the new features are a combination of interesting and OMG more advertising built into Windows.

Whatever, the new features are:

  • 3D in Windows 10
  • Built-in game broadcasting
  • New tab management in the sucky MS Edge and more…
    • Microsoft Edge is faster
    • Tab preview bar
    • Set tabs aside
    • Jump List
    • More extensions
  • Enhanced security features – MS Privacy Dashboard
  • Paint 3D
  • access
  • Game streaming with Beam
  • Gaming settings: Game bar, GameDVR, broadcasting, and Game Mode
  • Improved Windows Store – They added e-books, whoop whoop
  • Dolby Atmos – Adds Dolby audio via an app
  • Cortana can do more… like control music by mood.
    • Language compatibility for iHeartRadio and TuneIn
    • Music recognition support for the Chinese
    • Full screen Cortana when computer idle
    • Carry sessions across devices
  • Mixed Reality in Photo, Maps, Music, Movies, & TV
  • Mini View Feature
  • …and more.

So, how is it going to work with SL? No one in the forums is writing about their experience. May be everyone is waiting for someone else to go first. In general we are currently clueless.

I plan to install it on my laptop first. It runs SL at medium settings and produces 10 to 20 FPS. I want to see if adding Win 10 Creators Update with a “Gaming Mode” improves its performance. For now I will avoid the update on my main machine.

I’ll get back to you.

Windows 10 Lock Screen Images

Win 10 has three settings for how your Windows lock screen displays; Windows Spotlight, Picture, and Slideshow. The Spotlight option provides a parade of images from all over the world. Before you login you often have the option to click on an ‘about’ type link. After login it takes you to a web page explaining where in the world the image was taken and something about it.

Lock Screen Settings - Win 10

Lock Screen Settings – Win 10

Along with the pictures you occasionally get an ad. I am guessing about 1 in 10… But, the images are worth the occasional annoyance. Some of the ad pictures are pretty neat. Whatever, I have Spotlight on.

Windows caches these images in the system. So, you can find and save them for later use. They are well hidden and the names are disguised. If you want to save the images, check out the article: How to Save Windows 10’s Lock Screen Spotlight Images to Your Hard Drive.