SL Support Offline 11/7

The Lindens have posted that they will have support offline November 7th starting at 3PM PT. They plan to have it back up by 9AM PT 11/8. It may take longer.



They are changing the infrastructure of the support system. Only ‘open’ tickets from 2017 are being transferred over. There are 1.2 million tickets and 200,000 live chat records from 2016 and before that will eventually transfer over. But, probably not for some time.

If you need ticket information from before 1/1/2017, get it now, before 11/7.

Second Life Blogger’s Meeting

SL Blogger Support is planning to have an in-world meeting. I think Candy Canary Beck is organizing it. It is for this coming Saturday, 10/3 @ 1PM SLT. See the post here: SL Blogger Meetup Announced. Location: Basilique (SLURL) – Harvey’s Bar To the East of the landing point. Arrive early, it takes some time for things to download and render.

A Little From The Middle - Two Fisted Typist

A Little From The Middle – Two Fisted Typist

This is a general discussion held in text chat. To keep the group’s conversation coherent Candy Canary uses a set of discussion rules. One person has the chat box for 5 minutes or until they say DONE, whichever comes first. Then the group has the next 5 minutes to respond to the person. The right to the chat box moves around the room.

#SL’s New Linden Helpers

I am seeing blogs on Second Life’s Beta Helpers project. I am wondering what is going on. Second Life used to have volunteer mentors helping on the SL Welcome Islands. These were the people I went to for answers early in my SL experience. The mentors program was closed and now the Lab seems to be starting over with Helpers? So, what’s up?

Volunteers? - Image by mrsdkrebs at Flickr

The Blog View

Danial Voyager is always curious and blogging about interesting and new things in SL. His post gives about the most complete coverage of the new helpers I’ve seen. See: New Linden Helpers Beta Program.

The Problem

Once upon a time… volunteer mentors manned the Linden Welcome/Help Islands. The Lab ran the Volunteer’s group. It is hard to trace that history in the SL Wiki and the forum, as both have changed since the group was disbanded. However, Massively reported on the disbanding in an article by Tateru Nino in November of 2009. See: Linden Lab to disband moribund mentor group.

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