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Update Aug 27

Cyan Worlds, Inc. announced in the Myst Online forum that they are working with Creative Kingdoms on MagiQuest an MMO version of the ARG part of the theme parks.

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The Myst-Uru community, especially those that moved too Second Life, has been waiting for a project that Cyan Worlds sort of named ‘Something Else’ to finish. Why?

You see the Myst-Uru MMO game previously on GameTap as Myst Online Uru Live (MOUL) closed in April 2008. MOUL fans don’t give up. That happened once before when an earlier version of MOUL closed and fans hacked up servers and started to put the game back online. This time the fans were promised the MMO game as open source. Code was to be published this Spring.

However, there are proprietary parts of the game engine (plug-ins) that Cyan cannot release into open source. (See the Mysterium 2009 Q&A Transcript) Cyan doesn’t own the plug-ins. So, they have been removing them and preparing the code for the fans. But the one that knows how to do this is tied up on …something else. No one has been saying what that something else might be, other than it is a paying gig. Fans have heard this …something else… so soften it has become their code for whatever it is Cyan is working on. The result is the release has slipped from spring and begins to look like fall or possibly later.

This has frustrated fans and created interest in what Cyan might be working on and when they will be done. Also, as to whether it is just one person distracted by an outside project or an in-house development project… that part is still unclear.

However, yesterday Wired ran a story about MagiQuest. TMD Twitter also follows MagiQuest. We now have a link between Cyan and MagiQuest. Whether this is the ‘Something Else’ project… is still speculation.

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