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This blog is about various Things & Stuff I find interesting in Second Life and Myst Online, mostly Second Life.

I first visited Second Life in March 2008, shortly after the GameTap version of Myst Online closed. A number of players from Myst Online entered Second Life after Myst closed. About 600 of us are in SL now, Feb 2011. Most Myst fans can be found in the group D’ni Refugees. There are other Myst related groups. Search for them here: Second Life Groups. Dances, karaoke, building classes, and parties are regular events within the Myst Community. Join the D’ni Refugees to stay informed.

I first had a home in Minkartah, a privately owned island. A group of Myst fans into role play built the island, hotel, and market in Minkartah, which has changed to Minkarta and no longer has a market. Some of the Myst fans from Uru Live play in Minkarta. The Minkarta owners also own and built Crux Isle, a Myst style build of puzzles that is a fan story based on Myst Online Uru Live. Unfortunately the World Map teleport drops you in an odd place rather then the game start. However, there is a link there that will take you to the game start. It is a fun and challenging puzzle story.

I used to have a little shop in the Second Life region Minkartah.  The shops used to be a regular stop on treasure hunts, but that era is past and the shops are gone. But, if you have an SL account you can visit:Marketplace – Nalates Urriah, which is my online store in the SL Market Place.

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