Myst-Uru Guilds IC and OOC Part-I

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In Game Image Guild of Cartographers Public Hall

Update (2/2010): MOUL (Myst Online Uru Live) closed in 2008. It reopened in February 2010 as a free to play MMORPG named MOULagain. To play visit: Download MOULagain

Original Article: In recent posts on the MOUL forum the idea of ‘improving the guilds’ came up, again. In the forum there are great ideas and plans and not a few sour grapes from those having tried such changes in the past. But the basic understanding of Myst-Uru world guilds seems to be missing. To understand one viewpoint, mine, for why some of these efforts at change fail, read on.

Cyan’s creation of the guilds is spoken of often in the forums, as is their encouragement of the guilds. I think these statements often create confusion around the IC guilds (In Character or in Uru; In Cavern – both are a role playing concept) spoken of by IC characters and Cyan. Cyan has written about their plans for in-game guilds, which adds to the confusion. Plus, there are the historic guilds of the old D’ni culture adding more confusion. So, at least three types of guilds.

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Myst Fans Fight Conspiracy Theories

In the Myst/Uru MMO world there has long been a debate, usually devolving into a flame war, about the fan run guilds fighting for power and dominance over the game and fans. Having been involved in the founding of the GoC and participant down to now, I have some inside knowledge. So the recent round of accusations appearing on the GoMa forum ticks me off, as I think it should others. As the fan base works hard to stay together these silly fights split us farther apart. It is my belief that the sick parts of the fan base need to be helped. I think innuendo needs to be replaced by facts and evidence, if we are to hold the family together. I think everyone needs to take an active part. Can you help?

Relating personal feelings and beliefs is not a help. Quoting posts of others feelings and beliefs is not evidence. We need facts and evidence that people can honestly evaluate. When one must deny something the only thing of value is your personal experience. Saying you have yet to see it, not experienced it, heard of it, that it is not true for you; are about the only things one can say. There just is no such thing as proving the ‘non-existence’ of anything.

A Great Example of Statesmanship


However, when a mistake is seen one can point to the facts and correct it. When one makes an accusation one can provide the evidence, facts and reasons for the accusation. Without evidence, one is just engaging in liable and slander.

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