Second Life ‘Featured’ Destination?

Today I see the Lindens are featuring a Drax video on SL’s Insilico (URL Destination Guide – This lands one at the OLD main landing point.) in Destinations. I personally thought the video fell far short of portraying Insilico as the amazing build that it is. But, Insilico has lost its awesome. It is no longer the amazing build of perspective and scale illusions of the Skills Hax days (2015 and before). So, Drax made the best of what is left.

Drax made a video in 2015 that does a better depiction of Insilico… abet, as it was.

In 2016 it was thought Insilico would close. See my Insilico Update – The LONG Story. Things worked out and Insilico is still around but without Skills Hax.

In SL search there are a number of links (7) into Insilico. Checking them and the older LM’s I have I find most are useless. I would say this is the primary Insilico Cyberpunk Roleplay LM (SLURL). The SURL in the Destinations article is pretty lame and totally inadequate when one considers they were promoting roleplay. However, land there and hang out, you will get you a link in local chat to the Cyberpunk RP location. Now if one just notices it…. Continue reading

Second Life: Insilico Update – The LONG Story – Week 13

Danial Voyage has news from Insilico. Insilico sims have been granted a “new lease on life.” Digging around I find the story has been unfolding for several days. The best information I can find comes from some sites I trust and Skills her self.

From the Insilico blog:

A Sad Title from Abeus – March 23, 2016 at 6:00pm – When they were expecting Insilico to completely shut down. Continue reading

Second Life’s Insilico Closed?

For weeks there have been rumors and some confirmations of bannings and sim shutdowns. The subject came up in a recent interview with Ebbe Altberg, Linden CEO. We didn’t learn much as the Lab doesn’t talk about bans or ToS violations.

Insilico - Feb 2012

Insilico – Feb 2012

Honour McMillan has more photos of Insilico here.

What Ebbe pointed out is that a person banned can say almost anything about the process. We have no way to fact check their claims because the other side, the Lab, is muted. Saying anything creates legal liability for the Lab, so…  Continue reading

Second Life Bits 2015 Week 09

Freeze Frame Bug

It seems there is a bug in the SL Viewer. Yeah, I say that like there is only one… Well, you’ll see this one if you take a snapshot using Freeze-Frame and then close the camera panel before your release Freeze-Frame mode. The only fix at that point is to relog.

Slow Render @ Server-Scripting UG 2015-09

Slow Render @ Server-Scripting UG 2015-09

Once you relog, open the camera panel (Ctrl-Shift-S) and turn off Freeze-Frame. You don’t have to, but I would probably forget it is enabled and take another picture, close the panel, and have to relog again. Continue reading