Second Life’s Insilico Closed?

For weeks there have been rumors and some confirmations of bannings and sim shutdowns. The subject came up in a recent interview with Ebbe Altberg, Linden CEO. We didn’t learn much as the Lab doesn’t talk about bans or ToS violations.

Insilico - Feb 2012

Insilico – Feb 2012

Honour McMillan has more photos of Insilico here.

What Ebbe pointed out is that a person banned can say almost anything about the process. We have no way to fact check their claims because the other side, the Lab, is muted. Saying anything creates legal liability for the Lab, so… 

Yesterday rumors started circulating that Skills Hak, Insilico creator, was banned again, the second time in a couple of months, and the Insilico regions made ‘no access’. The Poop region (I’ve never heard of it) was wiped off the grid.

It is hard to confirm a region ever existed after it is gone. But, traces do linger. (Try this) The screen snip is what I found today.

Screen Capture - Destination Guide - Notice the URL

Screen Capture – Destination Guide – Notice the URL

This morning at 9:30 AM SLT/PDT I can’t TP into any of the 4 Insilico regions.

At SLUniverse Ash Qin says he was in contact with the Lab via SL concierge service (presumably a text file copy of support chat). Ash reports being told Skills Hak is banned and the regions closed. See: So let’s talk about this other purge that’s apparently going on. This is an older thread that is being added to. The link leads to Ash’s post.

It appears Skills is banned and the regions closed.

Insilico is an amazing region. A combination of cyber-style design and optical illusion made the regions a favorite promotional location for Second Life. I was never into the role play of the region. But, for a time they had some awesome stuff in the regions.

On my last visit there the place was feeling neglected. But, that was just my perception.

Whatever, I’ll miss the place if the Skills ban sticks. I’m curious if Insilico is too big for the Lab to let go of or to remain silent on. Only time will tell.

5 thoughts on “Second Life’s Insilico Closed?

  1. The problem as I see it is that LL often does not make it clear to the banned person or content owner exactly what they did wrong. They quote chapter and verse of the TOS without farther explanation or exact location on the region of the offense.

    • How do we know that?

      I’ve only personally known one person that got banned. She knew exactly why… But, I didn’t see the notice the Lab sent.

      Not having been banned, I have to go on what others say and it seems plausible for a business to do.

      • I’ve only known one person who was banned, as well, but he too was told exactly why.

        I think it’s important to remember that, since the Lab understandably doesn’t comment publicly on bans, we only have banned people’s words to go on… and banned people have a motive to lie and slander the Lab.

        If you did something wrong that you don’t want people to know about it’s very easy to lie and say “they didn’t tell me why I was banned!” than admit the truth.

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