Second Life Bits 2015 Week 09

Freeze Frame Bug

It seems there is a bug in the SL Viewer. Yeah, I say that like there is only one… Well, you’ll see this one if you take a snapshot using Freeze-Frame and then close the camera panel before your release Freeze-Frame mode. The only fix at that point is to relog.

Slow Render @ Server-Scripting UG 2015-09

Slow Render @ Server-Scripting UG 2015-09

Once you relog, open the camera panel (Ctrl-Shift-S) and turn off Freeze-Frame. You don’t have to, but I would probably forget it is enabled and take another picture, close the panel, and have to relog again.

Insilico and The Great Overlord

Honour has an article up titled: The Great Overlord is Watching Us in Second Life. It is a well, fun written piece with images from Insilico. Check it out.

I have found it hard to photograph Insilico and capture the feel of the place. One must visit to get the real feel. I found the region really slow rendering. That is not just a problem with Insilico…

She also has: If You Go Out in the Woods Today – Second Life Problems. I took this one as tongue in cheek. But, the problems are real.

I will point out that SL is WAY better than it once was. Also, that if you try to use some of the Insilico links in in-world-search, you’ll end up at surface level. The real Insilico is at about 3,600m.

Facebook Names

It appears some progress is being made in this debate. FB is starting to recognize pseudo names. Hamlet is reporting on that: Want a Facebook Account With Your Avatar Name? Just Prove to Facebook You Use That Name Offline, Too.


Edelfabrik is a designer brand in Second Life. I love their stuff. Gorgeous promotional  pieces. I have very little of Edelfabrik’s stuff because they are skimpy on demos. Plus I have yet to build a shape that works well with Edelfabrik’s clothes that is me. I’m working on it.


They have started releasing more clothes for the Slink and other mesh bodies. I may have to get a Slink body just to wear some of the so cute and sexy clothes.

Edelfabrik blog, Marketplace and Other MP Store, SLURL to store, Facebook none (I can find), No Tumbler, No Twitter #Edelfabrik…

Osgrid Update For 2015-02-23

OSGrid is getting closer to reopening. They say they are completing the final steps. Still no ETA.

They do say our stuff should still be there.

It will be interesting to see how many users OSGrid has lost and how many stay with them. I’ve considered restarting my region to see how much has survived the crash. But, I’m not sure I have the time. Plus, I know I am several versions behind. So, I’ve got to deal with a lot of updating and ini file changes.

Slink Update

Zahra (Strawberry) Singh posted on Facebook about a new Slink update. The Slink bodies have been updated. See: The Massive Slink Update is here!

This is a big update and it is free, if you already own a Slink body. It looks like it may be time to for me to look again at possibly getting a new body.

There are apparently some issues here and there. I’m not sure how well the revised body works with existing appliers. Nor have I found any information on how the changes affect the Creator Kits.

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