Who is having SL Photo fun?

Fun Photography – Every so often I mention the SL Forum thread ‘How does your avatar look today?’ (page 665 – Looks for short) In it, someone (name withheld to protect the guilty) posted a picture with their avatar in bunny custom… not the furry kind, the Playboy kind. So sexy.

The picture started a thing… my tail is cuter than your tail… no… not competitive just fun… people curious to see how they looked as bunnies and some probably were influenced by a bit of exhibitionism and took the opportunity to show off. I suspect some measure of that fun and look-at-me stuff runs through those all peeps posting in the thread. My hand is up.

The Bunny Pictures

However, there is a thing in the group about getting together for group photos. Probably one of the more fun things people in the thread do. I think of it as girls behaving badly… I’ll leave the interpretation of the term ‘badly’ up to you. Those older and younger than I seem to have different meanings for it. I intend this as the fun type ‘badly’.

Whatever, that ‘get together thing’ got Saravendi thinking (post). Seems things weren’t working out for people to get together in their bunny outfits. So, she very nicely PUT them together from the photos they posted. That was a hit. The idea grew, lots of Me-Too-Please posters followed. So, lots of additions and a growing picture which Saravendi was neat enough to keep editing. Continue reading

My Top Ten Second Life Sites

I suppose most people’s top ten is based on what they like the most. I tend to think of sites as informative or enjoyable. I started playing with Second Life™ to follow friends leaving Myst Online, it closed but has since re-opened. So, I started out looking for informative and explanatory information about my avatar’s new home.

Blogging Second Life

I still like knowing what is going on. I got hooked when mesh was in development. I had been building a huge building in OSGrid and realized mesh would let me do so much more. Now the time I spend building is mostly out-world (not logged in) rather than in-world. Where SL Groups used to keep me informed the user groups, formerly Office Hours, give me more meat about coming changes.

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SL Community Forums Update Week 19

It seems the worlds greatest pass-time is complaining. The new Answers, Blogs, Forums, and Knowledge Base are certainly something residents complain about. Often with good reason. There are a number of things that are being corrected and changed on the AnBlorumledge… eck… forum.

One thing is those pesky emoticons. They are displaying wrong, mis-positioned, and that delayed a number of other fixes being rolled out, which sounds odd to me. But, whatever. I don’t work with Lithium, the forum software.


You may have noticed there is a place for comments in the Answers section. It seems those are not supposed to be there. They managed to get rid of the comments button but not the comments box. So, I suppose we should avoid using comments in Answers.

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SL Community Roles or Ranks Explained

SL Community Role Icons

The new SL Community Web Site has roles, or ranks. Mine is ‘Honored Resident’… which sounds kinda nice. It does make me wonder if they have one for AH or DS… for my opposite. 😛  Probably not. Whatever, we do have roles now. Apparently one’s role or rank determines what one can do in the SL Community Web Site.

The SL Community now has a series of roles to recognize users who contribute content valued by the community. I’m not sure how much the community contributes to one’s rank or how they do that. There is a FAQ on the subject here: Roles and Ranks

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New SL Community Badges

Second Life

Combined AV Pic & Badge – #1

Update: As of March 2015 this article is still accurate.

Now that the new community blogrums are open people are exploring the settings and tools in the new system. Seems there are some gotcha’s you’ll want to avoid. Making your avatar image or badge has some dandy gotchas. Hopefully this tutorial will help you avoid them.

Second Life

My Avatar Pic Only – #2

Yesterday I provided a link to Torley’s Welcome to a new Community System video tutorial. At about minute 5 in he explains how to add your avatar picture to the blogs/forum. I uploaded a couple of images and using Torley’s instructions got the images uploaded and one set as my Avatar picture. My 150×150 px image appears as a 36×36 px image in the forum. Phfffffpt! Not really what I wanted. See image #2.

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