My Top Ten Second Life Sites

I suppose most people’s top ten is based on what they like the most. I tend to think of sites as informative or enjoyable. I started playing with Second Life™ to follow friends leaving Myst Online, it closed but has since re-opened. So, I started out looking for informative and explanatory information about my avatar’s new home.

Blogging Second Life

I still like knowing what is going on. I got hooked when mesh was in development. I had been building a huge building in OSGrid and realized mesh would let me do so much more. Now the time I spend building is mostly out-world (not logged in) rather than in-world. Where SL Groups used to keep me informed the user groups, formerly Office Hours, give me more meat about coming changes.

Between blogging and work, which is finally picking up as a few clients hope elections will change direction in the US, I have less time to be in Second Life. My reader scans the blogs I’m interested in, saving me a load of time. With limited time I have to decide where I’ll spend minutes as I wait on an image to download or a process to finish. When a video is rendering I can’t run SL, so I browse the blogs.

Fun List

If I have just minutes and I’m in recreation mode, these are the sites I like. Most are blogs, a couple are forums, and a couple are aggregators. I’m listing in my ‘joy/fun’ order.

  1. – Gorgeous
  2. JUICYBOMB Second Life Fashion Blog – Always Pretty
  3. Whiskey Shots – See to understand
  4. Honour’s Post Menopausal View – Explorer’s Dream
  5. ☆•°•★Fashion in SL☆•°•★ – Pretty clothes & models
  6. Double Exposure – Girly
  7. SLuicideGirls – Infrequent and wonderfully trashy
  8. DesigningSL – Lots to look at
  9. iheartsl Second Life Fashion and Community Feed Blog – More than I can look at
  10. Mesh topics  – SL Forum Subsection

There are some other great sites I enjoy but, they are not publishing much so I did not include them in the top 10. Sites like: A Dream of Oceans,


These are sites I enjoy reading to see what is up. These are sites I choose when I have more time to read. I’ve listed them in the order of what find the most informative and pleasing to read.

  1. Gwyn’s Home – Long and in depth opinion
  2. Loki – Digital Mischief Maker – I almost put in the fun list
  3. MetaReality Podcast – Podcasts – always interesting
  4. New World Notes – Interesting must read
  5. Living in the Modem World* – Alterative to me
  6. Machinimatrix – Videos – Tutorials and SL-Blender news
  7. Daniel Voyager’s Blog – Mostly just the headlines
  8. Dwell On It – Stats and historical perspective
  9. DGP4SL Blog – Anti-Linden rants but interesting thoughts
  10. SLUniverse Forums – Informative and caustic

*Inara Pey writes about many of the same things I do. Our style is different. So, I suspect some find her easier to read and others prefer my style. I try to find things builders, scripters, fashion designers, and other creative types will enjoy. Inara seems more into keeping up with viewers, so I do fewer viewer reviews now. At one time I was writing reviews to help me remember how viewers worked as I switched between them. Now changes are coming so fast and viewers are so similar, excluding those trying to keep a V1 user interface and Niran’s, I decided I need a different style viewer review. Plus keeping up is way too much work. There is other more fun stuff to do.

But, I follow Inara’s blog and enjoy it. It is fun to see what she finds that I miss and vice-versa.


I have a number of sources that are informative but not so fun, so I read them for ‘effect’, to get information. Others are good but seldom published. Others are only good for research. Some I think you may like are in no particular order:


If you like my blog and have favorites you like, let me know.

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          • I had some problems getting my reader to pickup the new RSS feed. Now it seems to be working. I added your site in the blog roll too. I’ve missed a number of your posts from the change, but now the read is picking them up.

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