SL Community Roles or Ranks Explained

SL Community Role Icons

The new SL Community Web Site has roles, or ranks. Mine is ‘Honored Resident’… which sounds kinda nice. It does make me wonder if they have one for AH or DS… for my opposite. 😛  Probably not. Whatever, we do have roles now. Apparently one’s role or rank determines what one can do in the SL Community Web Site.

The SL Community now has a series of roles to recognize users who contribute content valued by the community. I’m not sure how much the community contributes to one’s rank or how they do that. There is a FAQ on the subject here: Roles and Ranks

Supposedly when a person first logs into the community website, they receive the New Resident rank. At least that is what FAQ says. But, I see I have some stats that must have carried forward from the previous forum. Looking at other residents I see lots of other Honored Residents. Honored Resident may just be the LL label for New Resident.

As one participates their rank will change. The higher the rank, the more exacting the requirements. Ummmm… what requirements? FAQ says appropriate posting, kudos, and answers advance one’s rank. That suggests to me that some LL employee would have to make an ‘appropriateness’ decision on your posts. I can’t imagine that happening. So, I’ll say it is on auto-pilot and answers and kudos will decide the rank.

I suspect heavy posters in the previous forum got some boost from having there stats carried forward.

As rank increases one gets more options in settings.

Ranking systems tend to have problems. Automated systems tend to get gamed. A gang can get ticked-off at someone and punish them unjustly by abusing the ranking system. We’ll have to see how lithium’s system works for LL.


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