Who is having SL Photo fun?

Fun Photography – Every so often I mention the SL Forum thread ‘How does your avatar look today?’ (page 665 – Looks for short) In it, someone (name withheld to protect the guilty) posted a picture with their avatar in bunny custom… not the furry kind, the Playboy kind. So sexy.

The picture started a thing… my tail is cuter than your tail… no… not competitive just fun… people curious to see how they looked as bunnies and some probably were influenced by a bit of exhibitionism and took the opportunity to show off. I suspect some measure of that fun and look-at-me stuff runs through those all peeps posting in the thread. My hand is up.

The Bunny Pictures

However, there is a thing in the group about getting together for group photos. Probably one of the more fun things people in the thread do. I think of it as girls behaving badly… I’ll leave the interpretation of the term ‘badly’ up to you. Those older and younger than I seem to have different meanings for it. I intend this as the fun type ‘badly’.

Whatever, that ‘get together thing’ got Saravendi thinking (post). Seems things weren’t working out for people to get together in their bunny outfits. So, she very nicely PUT them together from the photos they posted. That was a hit. The idea grew, lots of Me-Too-Please posters followed. So, lots of additions and a growing picture which Saravendi was neat enough to keep editing.

From ‘How Does Your Avatar Look Today?’ 4/2019

Then someone else went and thought… probably something along the line of this is fun, I want more and they suggested we do a bunch of themed photoshoots to be composited as Saravendi had the bunnies. Then someone thought making it into a magazine would be better. So, a new thread was started to coordinate the peeps Forum monthly theme-shoots w. virtual magazine compilation.

I believe this will likely produce some way neat art and provide great opportunities to dress up. The whole thing can be great fun and people are likely to learn a lot about shopping, clothes, animation-poses, and virtual photography. A number of people posting in ‘Looks’ are also in Too Sexy for this Group (SLURL) and use the Backdrop City’s backgrounds (I think this is now one of the most consistently busy regions in the SL world: Backdrop City and Pose Mall). Lots of people there and lots of pose shops.

Ever Popular Backdrop City – 4/2019

The organizing part is going to provide a great example of human nature. Here the chaotic free artists and the structure loving rule makers will clash as they try to make the group conform to their concepts of the world and how it should be… right-wrong, PC, and gender language stuff. The few SL’ers interested in social engineering will see the effects of society’s political agenda on the oblivious. I am curious to see if the participants can keep the drama out.  They/we have already had one I won’t play because Photoshop’ed images are likely to be allowed…

In general, I find the Looks thread an amazing example of a drama free zone. I attribute that to the freedom and lack of rules present, other than the Linden ToS. However, it may be the nature of the people participating. Time will show us.

As the clock ticks there is time to have fun. Check it out and post some neat pictures of your avatar. Novice to Natsumi Xenga pro-like are all welcome.

The Looks thread is way popular and I think great fun. I just need more time for photography and Photoshop.


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