SL Community Forums Update Week 19

It seems the worlds greatest pass-time is complaining. The new Answers, Blogs, Forums, and Knowledge Base are certainly something residents complain about. Often with good reason. There are a number of things that are being corrected and changed on the AnBlorumledge… eck… forum.

One thing is those pesky emoticons. They are displaying wrong, mis-positioned, and that delayed a number of other fixes being rolled out, which sounds odd to me. But, whatever. I don’t work with Lithium, the forum software.


You may have noticed there is a place for comments in the Answers section. It seems those are not supposed to be there. They managed to get rid of the comments button but not the comments box. So, I suppose we should avoid using comments in Answers.

Post Reply Button

You may have noticed there is a Reply button above the opening post and after the last post. Both buttons are supposed to reply to the opening post. Some users are reporting that the bottom button is replying to the last post.

If you are often confused by the forum controls, join the rather large community of us find the forum confusing.

Poll Widget

A feature they are working on is a forum poll widget.


In answers you may have noticed those asking questions in Answers often forget to accept an answer. Lexie Linden is going back and marking many of the answers. This is so people will get credit for the answers they have provided. Also, so that people will know which answer is a better answer. While which is the better one may be debatable, if the one asking doesn’t choose, we then deal with Lexie’s choice.

However, the Lindens are looking at how they can get people back to accept an answer. So, we will likely see some type of reminder system. There is currently PM reminder, but it doesn’t seem to be doing the job.

Wiki Clean Up

Jeremy and Rand Linden are working on the wiki and Knowledge Base. Some residents are upset that some historic pages in the wiki are disappearing. I’m not sure how a wiki page gains historic relevance. A couple of people brought up the controversy. Rand Linden pointed to History of SL and doubts anything of significant historical value has been removed.

One has to wonder if the whiners have found the SL History pages.

Knowledge Base in Info Hubs

The Second Life Info Hubs are supposed to be an information source for new residents. Presently the Knowledge Base (KB) is a hidden resource to most new users. A suggestion was made to make more information kiosks available and to add MOAP (Media On A Prim) viewers so visitors will have access to the KB from within the Info Hub regions.

There are problems in the Info Hubs regions as they tend to attract griefers. The new are easy prey for the lame griefer that has more motivation then knowledge.

The Community Tools User Group is looking for ways to improve the new user experience. The meeting discussion centered on problems in the Hubs and how to make them better. The plan is to have next week’s meeting be on what to do with the hubs. It should be interesting to see what these Lindens do with the attendees’ suggestions. If you have ideas or want to help new users, be at the next meeting.

TIME: 1PM SLT/PST Thursday

LOCATION: Beaumont

If you have a topic you want on the agenda, to add it visit: Community Tools User Group It is a wiki page. Just add your item. If you are unfamiliar with how to edit wiki pages email the item to Amanda Linden.



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