Singularity Viewer Goes Sideways

This morning, Tuesday, a number of Singularity users are suffering Bake Fail, their avatar remaining a cloud. Word is a fix was put in the Singularity test cue, 7667 is the version number people are referring to. But then it depends on which 7667 you got as to whether it works. There are two and as far as I know, the only way to tell them apart is one works and the other doesn’t.

I'll send flowers into the sky to find you

I’ll send flowers into the sky to find you

From today’s Server-Scripting UG meeting I learned, [12:15] Torric Rodas: they need the 7667 “redo” version from Lirus’ repository if they’re having issues:

Later from Liru Færs (inusaito.kanya):

[2019/07/02 12:31]  Liru Færs (inusaito.kanya): So the singu thing is two different issues people are mixing up, actually. The first, Torric mentioned already, we put out a test build yesterday or so and its UDP was broken somewhat, I pushed out a fixed build without version bump shortly thereafter.

[2019/07/02 12:32]  Liru Færs (inusaito.kanya): The other issue is the worse one, probably what Nal brought up. UDP is broken on Alpha and Release singu, on the RC regions, I’m fairly sure. which is good, that means your changes to turn it off are now working. Unfortunately, we’re amidst a lull in developer availability, and so Linux libraries haven’t been rebuilt yet, so our release is  latent.

[2019/07/02 12:34]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Thank you  Liru. Is there any way for Sing users to keep up with what is happening?

[2019/07/02 12:34]  Liru Færs (inusaito.kanya): what I’m thinking to do, is to fix all the release blockers (I have nearly all done), and update the Windows release them, when everything is sorted, we will do a more complete release along with release notes.

[2019/07/02 12:34]  Liru Færs (inusaito.kanya): aside from watching my repository, not yet.

Apparently, the server update last week is when Singularity users started seeing alpha render problems and bake fail.

Also, inventory, animations, and other assets aren’t working as expected now. Those ‘not in database’ errors are popping all over.

Roses Sterling made a notecard for the Singularity users. The bake-fail fix according to Rose was to TP to a main-channel region and relog. As of today, the TP isn’t going to make that much difference as main-channel and RC channels will be are running the same simulator versions. So, there is no better place to TP to.

That more people are complaining after today’s update suggests it is the server update contributing to the problem and it’s now being everywhere. Well, will be (was) by noon today (7/2).

The problem is not in the SL servers. The problems are likely due to the old API’s for inventory and asset fetching being removed from the system. In 2016 the new Inventory API’s came out. Earlier this year in the Third-Party Dev UG meetings the removal of the old API’s was being discussed. It actually happened a couple of months ago supposedly… but, as best a couple of us can tell, they didn’t completely stop working. Until today’s server update went grid-wide.

I suspect one of the old API calls in Singularity was missed and left in. I am guessing.

Singularity has a main release, which is way out of date and lacks a number of the latest SL features. Most users have been using the Alpha version (v6994) of the viewer. Now that it has serious problems users are moving to the nightly builds, the test viewers. Test viewers are usually not the ones to use as a daily-use-viewer.

What we call ‘Main’, Alpha, Beta, Nightly, or RC are somewhat standard. In that jargon Main is more stable than RC, RC than Beta, Beta than Alpha, and Alpha than Nightly. Presumably, ‘test’ as the ‘Nightly’ is the least stable.

Everyday users of Singularity are having a hard time keeping up with which viewer they can use. I am having a hard time and I am studying it. New users have no chance. The best advice I can give is for Singularity users to join the Singularity Viewer group. You can hopefully hear what is happening. The only other way to know is to follow Liru’s repository, which is less than ideal. Link above.

The only good alternative for those with old computers is Cool VL Viewer. It is updated often and tracking the changes to know when to update is straight forward. Other than the update confusion that inundates Singularity it is a well-liked and very serviceable viewer.

And there is a thread discussing the Singularity problem in the SL Forum.

6 thoughts on “Singularity Viewer Goes Sideways

  1. Thx for the head-up Nalates. I took the freedom and quoted you directly in my own stupid bloggo:

    • The 7640 version works so…

      And there is a 7685… July 4, which was a couple of days after my latest information.

      From what I hear, they both work. They are however both TEST builds.

      With Singularity, it is hard to know what is going on. Those doing the compiling just aren’t that communicative.

    • Just a little help. I am using the Singularity 7751 version, a nightly build that seems to have solved my cloud and inventory problems for about 2 weeks now. I was using Singularity 1.8.7 6994 for some time when it just went all wonky and weird on me. This nightly version, the one I’m using now seems stable, and has resolved the issues I was having, and hasn’t shown any signs of any other issues or problems, no increased lagor rezzing issues, and seems to run as well as the 6994 version did before whatever happened made it unusable.

  2. Same happened for Lumiya. Lot of angst and ideas being thrown around in the support group as to how it may get fixed as the Dev hasn’t been heard from in regard to potential fixes, especially now it is no longer on Google Play. Many Lumiya users have no alternative to connect other then it.

    • The Lindens say they are working on a replacement. The first release will be a text-only version. A visual version will follow. There are no time estimates.

      I suggest you attend the Open Development Meeting and Server-Sim-Scripting meetings and voice your concerns.

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