Second Life News Week #26A

From the Content Creators’ UG (CCUG) meeting we get some more precise project updates. I’ve also tossed in some information from Meet the Lindens get togethers.

Starting out Alexa Linden is talking about Bakes on Mesh, BoM. It appears they are getting close to releasing it. There is apparently ‘one more’ thing they are tweaking… presumably, before it can release.

Alexa says items that use the new BoM will have a unique inventory icon.

EEP is getting another viewer update. This version will be in QA over the weekend and if it passes, they hope to have it out Monday.

What some consider an important fix is getting ALM-Disabled and ALM-Enabled EEP renders about the same ‘brightness’. I never turn ALM off, so I haven’t noticed a problem. Transparency problems have been fixed. The eyelash-lips glow that happened when switching EEP on and off… (you can do that?)… maybe ALM on and off… is fixed. Also, the neck thing where head and body join is fixed… seems something made the seam between them more apparent.

An appearance service update went out. (Dirt 415 – Kyle Linden) I am not sure whether this is on ADITI or AGNI or on the backend services which affect all of SL. Since it is Thursday and they were saying ‘today’ I suspect ADITI. But, it might

Lucia Nightfire is filing a JIRA on the avatar failing to render at login if animesh is attached. This is apparently a new problem.

From Tuesday’s Meet the Linens we got word that EEP was going to look better on legacy viewers. I suppose legacy, in this case, means non-EEP viewers. But, like turning EEP on and off, this doesn’t make sense to me.

They are expecting to have the new EEP RC Viewer out Monday. Plan to get a copy and test it. As we are getting close to done, fixes, changes, or improvements need to be submitted soon to make into this pass at EEP.

There is a Scripts Run % problem that many of us are complaining about. That comes up at about 4 minutes in. Rider Linden is going to be looking at it.

As best I can tell the next couple of RC rolls are likely to include logging tweaks to collect more information on the problem.

Rider has improved the efficiency of processing scripts waiting for an event, think Listen. A huge number of SL scripts sit around waiting for an event. Animats has a thread in the forums about the problem, It really is the number of idle scripts that drags down a sim. Rider says he has shaved off about 30% of the time used for checking if an event has occurred. I am not sure how much that 30% will help, but it will help.

Rider also told us that we will be getting more tools for analyzing script usages in regions. I think these will be viewer tools. We will probably see these in August.

Vir Linden is working on Animesh. A project viewer is coming that will let us modify animesh via script. That is coming first. But, Vir is off for a bit in the coming weeks. So, the project viewer is likely going to pop in late July… maybe.

There are some transparency render issues on Mac, think hair and tails. Some work is being done on the problem.

Coming Meetings… Next Thursday is July 4th, a US holiday, so no CCUG meeting. The 11th is the company-wide meeting so no CCUG meeting then. Meaning three weeks to the next meeting. So, this week’s news dose will hopefully hold you over.

Bellisseria – Patch talked about what is being done in Bellisseria at one of the Meet the Lindens meetings. Every day Bellisseria building advances. For instance, the Costner Bay, Fair Grounds Landing – Rez Zone is operational… landing strip.

I think the big news is they will be opening a new region every other day or so. So, it will be easier to get homes in Bellisseria.

Also, it sounds like railroads and commercial areas are coming to Bellisseria.

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