Second Life’s Newest Continent – Bellisseria or Land of Linden Homes

New Linden homes… neat. You can read the Linden announcement here, Fresh New Linden Homes are Here with New Themes and Larger Options. You can read the SOLD OUT notice that came 48 hours after the opening.

Their homes are on a new continent to the southeast of Sansara. As of 4/18 word is this Linden Homes continent is named Bellisseria. Will find a number of the regions are named with the prefixes SSP and SSPE.

Get The Freight Out Map of Continents

The new Bellisseria continent is connected by ocean regions to Sansara. Thus, the interconnected area we can sail and fly in has increased considerably. Initially, there were no public lands on the new continent where one could rez a boat or aircraft. However, at the time the group GTFO (Get the Freight Out) had members living in the new continent that had set their property to Rez-OK.

I am not providing the SLURL’s as I haven’t asked permission to share them and with new Rez-OK places popping up you won’t need them. These private places seem to be a thing shared only among the GTFO players/participants.

There are a number of Ban Line HUDs that also indicate rez zones. So, it is possible to search for them.

Bellisseria is a Ban-Line-Free area. See Security/Privacy and New Linden Homes.

Soon Bellisseria is going to be Security Orb restricted. Only a Linden made security orb will be allowed on the Bellisseria land.

Bellisseria April 2019

I suspected as the Lindens continued to build out the new homes area, we would get public areas with rez ability. That has happened. There are 3 public protected areas now with rez areas for boats. Watch for lighthouses. The rez areas are next to them. Rumor is there are protected lands where other vehicles can be rezzed, which I later found is true. It is confirmed below.

You can follow the SL Forum thread where residents are reporting what they find. See Abnor Mole’s post. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find my comment on the Car Rez Zones. In general, they are limited to about 96 prims. So, I can’t rez my 127 prim heli on any of them.

The Lindens and Moles are actively working to build more of Bellisseria. We might get an airport.

PS: We did! Dogbone Island Municipal Airstrip is now open. Waters/105/147/22

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  1. Wish Linden would make it so where only Linden Lab security Orbs may be used throughout the grid. Also a minimum of 15 seconds on the ord bs so that travelers could evacuate the area without being unseated and their objects returned.

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