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We have some LSL functions for EEP; llGetEnvironment, llGetMoonDirection, llGetMoonRotation, llGetRegionDayLength, llGetRegionDayOffset, llGetRegionMoonDirection, llGetRegionSunDirection, llGetRegionSunRotation, llGetSunDirection, llGetSunRotation, and llSetAgentEnvironment.

I haven’t tried to use these, yet. I’m waiting until EEP comes to my region and I can work with scripts at home, SL home.

These GETs look to give us lots of information. The one SET function is complete, but I think it is limited to being used within an experience.

Also, I don’t see any functions for scripting environment changes to a region/parcel. We will see someone ask for those if they haven’t already.


We don’t have the easy control Firestorm currently offers. Their Photo Tools are a major reason I use Firestorm. It will be interesting to see what the Firestorm people do with the new EEP.


All in all this new environment editing is simple enough. Experiment. Click on things in the panels. You can drag the sun and moon around or click the arrows around them to move the sun and moon. You have lots of control.

This should be fun.

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