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NOTICE: If you search for Blue Steel or Le Tigre using the world map, you must leave out the space-character and search for BlueSteel or LeTigre.

Environment Editing – Feb 2019

The editing panels are bigger. I like them. They are a change and will take some learning. We have way more control over things.

Notice the Load and Import buttons. Import reads an old Windlight XML file from your local hard drive. Load reads an EEP file from inventory.

My only complaint is in the day editor. The time of day slider is chunky. Moves in increments not a smooth slide. But, there is a reason for that.

Editing Days I ran into a problem. I wanted to add a DAYS folder in the Settings folder. Right-click, select New Folder and PRESTO… no folder. O.O Try again paying more attention, no folder. :/ I happen to have the Inventory panel open and noticed two ‘New Folder’ folders in Settings. Seems one needs to have Show Empty Folders enabled to see the new folder as it is initially “EMPTY”. Well… duh! But this is a gotcha I bet bites lots of people over and over. Ouch, ouch, ouch…

It is going to be nice to be able to have folders of settings and organize them. (I am NOT OCD. REALLY.) The current LONG list of 900+ sky settings is tedious.

Day Cycle Editor

I didn’t quite understand how to use this panel. It is intuitive enough and there are helper messages to tell you when you are swimming upstream. You need to set the yellow triangle over a blue marker and then set the sun/moon position, atmo, and clouds. And you’ll find if you set the triangle over a gray section you are told to move the triangle over a blue section.

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4 thoughts on “Using the EEP Viewer – Second Life

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  2. I tested the official EEP viewer 6.4.0, and what an awful experience it was. I place the blame mostly on Linden Lab’s refusal to allow more than 512MB of video texture memory. In this day and age of relatively inexpensive graphics cards that have 6 to 8 GB of RAM, keeping their viewer, especially one intended to display SL in the best way possible, at such a low texture allowance is ludicrous. I’m also not sure how to get the Firestorm betas since they seem to be less accessible than other current third party viewers in allowing access (and feedback).

    • To get FS Beta versions you must join their viewer testing team and participate in the testing. Ask in FS Support Group in-world.

  3. I couldnt get my firestorm beta to work with non day cycles. Like to have fixed light and even though there is a NONE option, its not clickable.

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