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I did some more experimenting Tuesday and some more Wednesday after the RC channel update. I went to a BlueSteel sandbox where things worked way better Tuesday. EEP definitely works well on Denby now post Wednesday’s update.

I have found that some EEP-WL settings I made previous to this update were causing me problems. They sort of jam EEP-WL and I cannot change settings after applying them until I relog. So, settings made early in the EEP may be a problem now. I’ll toss them and make new ones.

How to Edit, Import, Make, and Use

To start creating an environment or to Load, Import, Edit, or just use one, click the top menu’s WORLD… then Environment->My Environments… to open the ‘My Environments’ panel, shown here. Everything happens from here.

This panel’s primary purpose seems to be to find EEP-WL settings. That is a major tedious thing in the current Windlight. I have something like 900+ settings. Finding the right one is SUCH a PITA. This is going to be WAY nicer.

Remember. You cannot edit anything in the Library. You have to copy it out and put it somewhere to edit it. The EEP-WL settings are like anything else in the Inventory’s Library. You can only change a copy…

The ‘where’ you copy to in this case is your inventory. Your Inventory looks different in the MY ENVIRONMENTS panel. It is sort of how Outfits in the Appearance panel and Outfits in Inventory look different. However, there is a checkbox in the lower left that when checked shows all your inventory folders. By default, it is unchecked and shows just the EEP folders, which is any folder with an EEP-WL setting item in it. The box is labeled Show Empty Folders. Presumably meaning empty of EEP settings.

Using this checkbox, you can see this panel is just another view of your inventory. Also, if you look in Inventory using the Inventory panel as you normally would open Inventory, you’ll be able to find a new System Folder named Settings. Your new EEP-WL settings should live in that folder. But, you are not limited to just that system folder. I suppose that freedom is to make dealing with the marketplace easier.

In the Library section of Inventory (read only), you’ll find a folder named Environments. The is the same folder you see in the MY ENVIRONEMENTS panel. This is where all the ‘standard’ EEP settings are kept.

All the stock settings in the Library appear to be the currently most popular Windlight settings in Second Life. Settings like CalWL and [AnaLu] AvatarOptimal that are popular for doing skin color matching. There is a huge number of settings. I doubt you will need to import anything other than something you have made.

My thinking is I should be able to drag or copy those library items to my Inventory’s Settings folder to edit them. Like I do other Library items. But I had lots of problems dragging and copying them while in Denby Tuesday and in non-EEP regions. Everything worked great in the BlueSteel sandboxes. Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste worked well. Now Wednesday everything works as I expected even in Denby.

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4 thoughts on “Using the EEP Viewer – Second Life

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  2. I tested the official EEP viewer 6.4.0, and what an awful experience it was. I place the blame mostly on Linden Lab’s refusal to allow more than 512MB of video texture memory. In this day and age of relatively inexpensive graphics cards that have 6 to 8 GB of RAM, keeping their viewer, especially one intended to display SL in the best way possible, at such a low texture allowance is ludicrous. I’m also not sure how to get the Firestorm betas since they seem to be less accessible than other current third party viewers in allowing access (and feedback).

    • To get FS Beta versions you must join their viewer testing team and participate in the testing. Ask in FS Support Group in-world.

  3. I couldnt get my firestorm beta to work with non day cycles. Like to have fixed light and even though there is a NONE option, its not clickable.

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