Using the EEP Viewer – Second Life

Those blue sections are like keyframes in animations. Of course, you are animating the environment so… The gray sections are where the system fills in, the Tweens… an in between series generated by the system. The system prorates, extrapolates from one set settings to the next.

You can move the blue sections (keyframes) to speed up some changes and slow others.

The slider covers 24 hours… sort of… It covers whatever day length the region is set to, thus the percentage labeling. That day length setting is elsewhere… You’ll find it in the About Land panel, right-click the ground and select About Land. Then look in the ENVIRONMENT tab. If you own the land, a parcel works, you can change the setting. You have a Day Length setting in hours. There is also a Day Offset in hours. The default offset for me is -8 which is the USA California Standard Time offset from UTC. When setting a 24 hour day you can set it to sync with your local time.

I don’t own any land in an EEP active region 🙁 So, I can’t experiment to see if I can do seasons. My understanding is there will be some scripting control of EEP-WL. In which case we can do seasons and progress from 10 hours to 14 hours of daylight. I’m at Latitude 31-32N.

Also, in Land settings are the elevation controls

In ABOUT LAND… Day Length

You can see the levels you can control. We have the Water to surface, Ground to 1,000m altitude, 1,000 to 2000, 2000 to 3000, and 3,000 and above, 5 zones. Plus, they are adjustable.

Making an Environment

Open MY ENVIRONMENTS. Pick a folder in your inventory then click the plus sign ‘+’. You have a choice of Sky, Water, or Day Cycle. Pick one and click. You’ll see a New [whatever] inserted in the folder you have selected.

Select the new item then click the Gear icon in the lower left. Pick EDIT and the Environment Editor opens. At this point, I suggest you name it.

Now change the various settings and colors to get what you want. You have 3 tabs; Atmosphere & Lighting, Clouds, and Sun & Moon.

Edit to suite.

Saving a Set of Settings

Once you adjust settings to your liking, you can save the settings. Depending on where you are and what you own (land) you have 3 to 5 options. I’m not sure the point of Apply Only To Myself at this point. As you adjust the settings the environment around you is changing to show the effect of your changes. I suppose the ‘non-sticky’ nature of changes here would change to stick as you close the panel without saving (think temporary changes) and cross into other regions…

The Save and Save As… will write the EEP-WL into a Setting item and put it in the folder you select. You can set permissions from the MY ENVIRONMENTS panel. Right-click and select Properties. You can give a copy of the setting to others or sell it in the marketplace.

Right click a Setting to get the menu above.

More pages… links below.

4 thoughts on “Using the EEP Viewer – Second Life

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  2. I tested the official EEP viewer 6.4.0, and what an awful experience it was. I place the blame mostly on Linden Lab’s refusal to allow more than 512MB of video texture memory. In this day and age of relatively inexpensive graphics cards that have 6 to 8 GB of RAM, keeping their viewer, especially one intended to display SL in the best way possible, at such a low texture allowance is ludicrous. I’m also not sure how to get the Firestorm betas since they seem to be less accessible than other current third party viewers in allowing access (and feedback).

    • To get FS Beta versions you must join their viewer testing team and participate in the testing. Ask in FS Support Group in-world.

  3. I couldnt get my firestorm beta to work with non day cycles. Like to have fixed light and even though there is a NONE option, its not clickable.

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