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The Enhanced Environment Project is progressing and nearing completion. Thursday Feb 14, 2019 Rider Linden updated us on where they were in development. (Ref) He is expecting the project to move to RC status very soon™. It is now available to test in its ‘project status’ in the Blue Steel and Le Tigre channels of the main Second Life™ grid. So, it may be time to start playing with the feature.

Also, with this feature comes a new item, EEP-Windlight settings, that can be sold on the market place and traded among users. If you have a talent for making sunsets, this may be your niche.

EEP and Non-EEP Viewers Feb 2019

You can get a copy of the Enhanced Environment Project viewer in the Second Life™ Alternate Viewers. As I write we are on version of this project viewer. It installs in its own directory. So, it won’t break or affect any of your other installed viewers. Updates to this viewer are mandatory. Meaning when a new version of the Project or RC viewer is released you have to install the update to continue using it.

NOTICE: If you click SLURLs to open your viewer and login into the SLURL’s region, installing any viewer will change which viewer Windows uses. Windows uses the last viewer installed. There are tools and tutorials that will help you tell Windows which viewer you prefer for those clicks. See SLURL Proxy.

My Firestorm 6.0.1 Beta suffers from what I call EEP black-pox (see the image above), which is poor rendering of stars in EEP active regions by non-EEP viewers. I suspect all Non-EEP viewers have some problems in areas running EEP. The Linden default SL Viewer 6.0.1 has the same problem. But I’m not going to check all the others.

The EEP Project viewer allows you to import and convert pre-EEP Windlight environment settings. It has a new environment editor. I had some trouble figuring it out as it is using different logic than the previous Windlight editor. Plus, we seem to have to deal with some details that were not previously an issue. But I understand the need for the changes. Plus, there are more settings for us to deal with. We have been given creative POWER! (Imagine Eye of the Tiger music playing)

The new EEP settings can be applied to regions and parcels. Of course, you have to be an owner. There is also the setting to apply the settings to your viewer… self. When right-clicking you’ll see a choice to Apply Only to My Self. And as you likely guessed, you are the only one that sees the change.

I was in Denby and couldn’t get Skies or Water settings to Apply Only to My Self. I could get Day Cycles to apply. With Wednesday’s update (2/13) that changed. So… it must have been a server thing.

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  2. I tested the official EEP viewer 6.4.0, and what an awful experience it was. I place the blame mostly on Linden Lab’s refusal to allow more than 512MB of video texture memory. In this day and age of relatively inexpensive graphics cards that have 6 to 8 GB of RAM, keeping their viewer, especially one intended to display SL in the best way possible, at such a low texture allowance is ludicrous. I’m also not sure how to get the Firestorm betas since they seem to be less accessible than other current third party viewers in allowing access (and feedback).

    • To get FS Beta versions you must join their viewer testing team and participate in the testing. Ask in FS Support Group in-world.

  3. I couldnt get my firestorm beta to work with non day cycles. Like to have fixed light and even though there is a NONE option, its not clickable.

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