Second Life Hair Fair 2018

I like the Hair Fair events. It is a charity and all… a good thing, but the changes in hair and styles from year to year are what fascinates me. This year there were 9 do’s I had to try on. Turns out two were must have’s. And one I really liked but couldn’t initially get to work.

Hair Fair 2018 is open and going… not crowded the two days I’ve been there. No problem getting in. However, you can’t tp around inside the regions. Any TP takes you back to the main landing point for that region, which I find way annoying as I cam-shop and like to double-click-tp when I see something I want to check out or when I want to make an LM.

The changes I see this year are; more appliers and more style options.

Hair Fair 2018 - EMO-tions SEYCHELLE

Hair Fair 2018 – EMO-tions SEYCHELLE

Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega seem to be the common appliers included. For my GA.EG Jennifer head the Omega applier for the hair base works. It and my relay for GA.EG are both needed.

Style options in the HUDs or separate style HUDs were more common this year. At least in the do’s I was interested in.

EMO-tions has a do I liked best, *SEYCHELLE*. I love the big hair look it provides. This is the only one I liked enough to spring for the FAT pack.

The Firestorm ACI for the hair is about 3.7k. It has 128kb of scripting in 2 scripts. It uses only ONE attachment point, Skull. I did not find any script removal option and the hair is no-mod. It comes with the Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega appliers. Includes the various color HUDs. The fat-pack includes multiple HUDs, not a single all-inclusive colors HUD.

Hair Fair 2018 - {Limerence} Marisa

Hair Fair 2018 – {Limerence} Marisa

{Limerence} has the next do I liked, Marisa. Just too cute to pass up. The demo had what I think is a glitch in the boob-fitter… why can’t hair makers rig hair as fitted on the breasts? My dresses fit. Why not my hair?

Well, actually some designers are doing that. Sintiklia is one. But, the result of what those few are doing isn’t all that great. I still find even fitted hair floating some distance from my breasts. This suggests to me they aren’t testing with enough bodies.

I’ve seen photographers complaining about that hair to breast air gap. So, it seems smart to me to eliminate it. I understand it is too much work to make a perfect fit for all bodies or even a version for individual brands of body. However, erring on the side of some hair falling inside some bodies seems a better choice.

Whatever… the HUD has buttons for Normal and Boobs… in the demo all that seemed to do is make part of the hair semi-transparent. Nothing moved. I expect the hair to move, you know one position for the B and C cups and another for the D to G hussies. (laugh cry emo) In the demo it didn’t. I tried a relog and other tricks. It still may have been me or SL at the time. The good news is the buttons work as I expected in the full/real version. So, with this hair I’m all set for my massive breast implants… (roll eyes here…)

Because of the possible glitch I stayed with a less expensive color set, Naturals.

In Firestorm the ACI rating is 2.9k with 128kb in two scripts. It uses one attachment point, Skull.

Hair Fair 2018 - Eliavah’s Sora Hair

Hair Fair 2018 – Eliavah’s Sora Hair

My third choice was Eliavah’s Sora. This was a frustrating experience. SL or my viewer or something was wacky the first time tried this do. The hair style is sort of an updo-ponytail with long side bangs. I could not get the bangs to work. They were like a foot in front of my face…

The next day they fit perfectly and made for a Really Cute do.

The do is mod-ok, FS ACI = 7.5k with 2 scripts at 128kb, but this hair is mod-ok so the scripts can be removed. Plus, you can tint the hair for more colors. This hair uses 1 attachment.

There are left and right bangs, both bangs, and no-bangs hair. At first, I thought the bangs were separate attachments. Then I figured out the hair comes in 4 different styles.

The demo has a couple of tuffs of hair that do NOT change color. They stay blond. With the full/real hair all the hair changes color. So, I have an all-black do.


Seems there is a lot more male hair this year. Some designers are doing unisex styles, which helps the guys.

More hair uses materials. One of my three choices came with materials and no-materterals versions. I think it is a bit tricky to get the materials to look good on hair. It seems easy to overdo the gloss. Some designers do it very well. Others… not so much. Gotta try those demos.

So… check out the Hair Fair. I liked it better this year than last.

PS: Dress by [JUSTICE] RACHEL DRESS, GA.EG Jennifer Head, Slink body, hands, and feet, Skin YS&YS, RealEvil Industries nails & rings, -SECRETS- choker

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  1. When there are fixed landing points…
    What i do when i cam shop and find a display i want to go to
    i open MAP and find where my camera is located ( the highlighted fow triangle)
    click there on the map and i get a beacon to follow

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