Second Life News from Third-Party Dev UG 2018 w#34

By meeting time, the Voice RC viewer had promoted to the main viewer, They have already found one new bug. Still, voice should be better on this version.

The RC version of the Animesh was waiting for a merge with voice, but, in the meeting, Kyle Linden told us it had passed Q&A and should be up on the Alternate Viewers page by the time you read this.

Let me tell you the story ♫♫

Let me tell you the story ♫♫

So, you may see some frozen characters scooting around the grid, which is what you see when you do not have an Animesh viewer and look at Animesh.

The Love Me Render RC viewer needs to update with voice. We’ll likely see that this week, 35.

Next week another Maintenance RC viewer w/bug fixes should pop up on the page.

The Project EAM Viewer is getting some use and people have provided some good feedback, which is being incorporated and we’ll likely see the viewer go to RC soon. The Release Notes are here. The changes include; larger editing windows, date & who banned, and now it is possible to have 15 Estate Manages. However, the list did not get any bigger.

All of the Server Side of EAM is there. Get the Project viewer and use it. Give the Lindens feedback before the concrete sets.

There have been some texture render problems. Thought to be KDU, but turns out not. The Lindens are working with KDU to find workaround. This problem is from a disagreement between KDU and OpenJPG on which is the better way to do something. So, technically it isn’t broken, it just doesn’t work…

Uploading textures with viewers other than the Linden or Firestorm viewers can result in a texture that has problems.

Once upon a time, before Firestorm went with Kakadu, texture problems were rampant. I think they contributed to the need for each viewer having its own cache. So, now if we have 4 viewers installed we have 4 different caches.

The Bakes-On-Mesh PRij Viewer is available. But, it currently only works on ADITI, the preview grid. The move to AGNI is waiting on an inventory service update. There are a lot of moving pieces ahead of BoM.

The 360 Image RC is getting a merging with the voice changes. Otherwise, there is no active work. Oz Linden thinks they will get back to it in a couple of months.

The long-anticipated EEP, Enhanced Environment Project, is working its way through Q&A, but Q&A winning. They are working hard on this one. Once it makes it to AGNI we will see Oz playing with it on the Hippo meetings region.

The cache revamping called ‘TCO’ is somewhat in progress. Graham Linden does the heavy lifting but won’t start full time until he finishes with EEP rendering. Rider has done most of the server and viewer changes. Graham is doing the render engine work… if I understand correctly.

Last names, the Lindens are working on those now. No other details on when or cost. Current work is about making sure all aspects of SL will handle a name change.

The JIRA, bug and feature reporting site, is getting updated. The updates will down the JIRA for several hours. There will be an SL Blog announcement as to when. Most of the user experience on the JIRA will be the same. Look & feel changes. The Lab is pretty far behind on JIRA updates. Once updated the Lindens can do more, but not much of any function change for users.

Users filing abuse reports need to use newer viewers that use the abuse category lists supplied by the servers. Miss categorized reports will still be handled. They just burn up support time.

Linden, Firestorm 5.1.7, and I think Cool have the abuse report list updates.

Support has a tool to clean up calling cards and folders in the Calling Card folder. They are building on the tool to have it do more. Seems some people are having problems coming from calling cards.

All the known bugs that cause Calling Card duplication have been fixed. But, those duplicates you already have, are still there. If you are not using CC go in and delete everything.

Firestorm has some handy tools for working with Calling Cards. Merchants and people that deal with groups of people will find them handy. The Firestorm Support people offer classes in working with Calling Cards.

The Lindens have spent a little time on the Linux project. Oz thinks they may have some news on it by end of 2018. The Linux version will have limited functionality, likely no voice. Vivox is not supporting voice on Linux. Just too few users.

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