Second Life News 2018 w16


Tuesday the main channel updated to version # Internal changes…

Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum will update to version # Internal changes and… a fix for BUG-214702LSL HTTP In returning fairly frequent 503 errors.

The capability for handling offline messaging is being worked on. The cap has been improved but there is a problem with Friend Requests. If one is sent while you are offline, there is no way to accept it that works. Being fixed.

Winters back.. Run!

Winters back… Run!

As it is the underlying system that allows Friend Requests can fail in several ways, it may take some time to fix the problem as it is a base system.

Oz Linden: The test channels [on ADITI] have the new improved throttles for LSL HTTP-in that I’ve discussed on the forums (and documented on the wiki)

Rider Linden: Those [test channels] are currently available on Aditi: Umbreon and the adjoining region.  But Mazidox may have put them on other regions as well.


There was a third-party developers’ meeting last Friday. I will include that information in this news. It was a 13-minute meeting. So, no big news.

The main viewer is now, the Media Update RC. This is an update from the previous version released in week #10. The 5.1.3 release notes for this build say,

This release of the Viewer pulls in a raft of updates to the built-in media support that were not quite ready to be integrated when the 64-bit Viewer (Alex Ivy) was released.

It is comprised of various fixes, updates, security patches and improvements for CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) that is the basis for the built-in web browser and VLC that provides support for video media playback.

In addition, fixes are included to Dullahan (the third-party library that uses CEF) as well as all the media plugin code itself.

As per the Alex Ivy 64-bit viewer, there is no Linux version.


The option to not accept cookies has been removed due to complexities of not doing so in the in-viewer browser. For a more controlled cookie experience, an external full-featured browser may be better.

Reports are pages that are ‘media’ web pages that were previously failing are now working.

Second Life Love Me Render Viewer version – This is an update adding the updates.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This is an update from week #15’s version

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Last updated in week #10. This version is being updated with changes but, otherwise, the 360-Image feature is on hold as the people are needed for ‘other’ work.

Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version – This is an update from version released in week #11.

Second Life Project Bakes On Mesh Viewer version – Last updated in week #14. See the long article on Bakes On Mesh or the shorter description of Bakes On Mesh Viewer. The release notes have all the tech info the Lab has out now.

There is a set of discussion threads in the section Bakes On Mesh Feedback in the SL Forum.

Voice – There is an RC coming with more fixes for voice.

Oz Linden says lots of viewer stuff is being worked on in the background. One of those things is the ‘widgets’ for the splash screen. They use some Linden API’s that have changed. Also, there is a big Search Improvements project. I assume this is the viewer search, but server-side marketplace search needs it too. So, it may be all-inclusive.

Other Viewers

Kokua Viewer – A couple of articles have come out on the Kokua blog; Path Forward – The Future (7th? in the series) and Kokua Releases RLV and NORLV a notice of a new version.

I suppose the important news is Chorazin Allen has stepped up to take on the effort of updating the Kokua Viewer and allowing NickyP to reduce his participation. NickyP will manage the Mac version and Chorazin the Windows.

Next is the news that Kokua will have an RLV and non-RLV versions for Windows and Mac. There is no Linux version however, they are working toward a Linux 64-bit version. The OpenSim version is not being updated and will not be unless someone with OpenSim experience joins the team.

The Twitter and IRC communication channels are ‘officially dropped. They haven’t been being used, so this is just a statement there is no plan to start them up. In-world support via the Kokua channel is the primary support point.

Two days ago, the versions Kokua Release RLV/ and NORLV/ came out. These are on par with this week’s Linden version

I haven’t used Kokua for a time. So, my take on the current state of Kokua is from what I am reading. I remember when the Imprudence Viewer was the Viewer of Choice for builders. I consider Kokua the child of Imprudence and heir to the features supporting builders. But, it seems to be more of an Estate Managers viewer now, with tools they can use.

To understand what has been added read the post on the 5.1.3 version release, link above. I think these tools will be important to anyone building a region or any scripted thing with performance as a prime goal. Estate Managers should read the post. Those building vehicles should also read the post.

Firestorm is the more popular viewer with builders these days… well, with most residents. But, that may change. Chorazin is saying they plan to release updates pretty much in step with Linden Lab. So, Firestorm’s planned 4 releases per year can put a builder in a bit of a bind. Missed release dates for Firestorm have been common with the 3 months to release date sliding toward 6 months.

However, Chorazin warns that the release pace may let some ‘Linden bugs’ slip through. The Firestorm puts effort into fixing those problems and I’ll say that effort accounts for their release delays. So, we may see a difference between currency and stability priorities in these teams.

Other News

Any news on EEP?

Rider Linden: I’ve had a couple necessary tangents over the last few weeks that slowed me down.  I’ve cleared those out of the way and am back into the thick of it now.   So, we should start seeing progress again.

New script function is the sister to llKey2Name(), llNameToKey. This is for the local region. For grid wide we use llRequestUserKey.

Rider Linden: There is also a fix under the hood for some of the other name functions where it would return null even if the user was still in the region.

Rider Linden: I am fairly sure the viewer name cache operates independently from the simulator’s name cache.

Oz Linden: yes, it does

Oz Linden: we’re already working on the region crossing attachment/sit bugs (or will be again when Simon is back)

So… there is stuff going on. Second Life™ is advancing and improving.

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