News Bits 2018 w16

EVE Online – Seems they are adding a solo-player versus environment aspect to the game. They have created an interesting backstory and weapons that for those participating in that play will greatly complicate the game. If I understand, this will to some degree level the playing field for new and experienced players. For details see: EVE ONLINE’S UPCOMING ‘INTO THE ABYSS’ EXPANSION SOUNDS INCREDIBLE.



There is a lot of news about events and new aspects of EVE coming out. Search over at Massively.

OpenSim – Hypergrid  Business is reporting a number of OpenSim worlds have been suffering outages. See Outages plague grids this month; Speculoos returns.

A couple of days this month I had problems connecting. A little checking revealed most of SoCal was suffering Internet attacks.

Ebbe Linden – April 20th the Linde CEO is to be at an in-world townhall meeting. This was announced in the SL Forum’s Featured News. They are taking questions for Ebbe via the SL Forum. Ask your questions in: A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg.

Linux SL Viewer – You may know that Linden Lab has decided not to spend staff’s time on a Linux viewer. They will work with third-parties to provide compatibility.

The result is Firestorm and other third-party developers are providing the Linux viewers. Firestorm has a 64-bit Linux viewer in beta testing.

From Whirly Fizzle,

Compile instructions:
64bit Ubuntu
64bit Debian Stretch

If don’t self compile, you can join the FS beta testers to get access to the Linux builds soon.

Flickr – :/ pages aren’t tendering as they should. Is it me or them? Or is it just some people’s pages? Can’t decide.

Black Fair – It’s awesome. Its being held at a place called Crystal Rock.

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