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Fantasy Faire has arrived, April 19 to 25. Landmark? (Map URL).

Fantasy Faire 2018

This is one of the highlights of the year and a major stress test for Second Life™. The day I visit Fantasy Faire is a day where my Premium Membership pays off. Being a member puts me in the small percentage of people that enter after a region is full and not so much a benny is the lag crowds induce and I get to see it at its max.

I look forward to the event. The tough decision is do I get up early or stay up late to avoid some of the crowd?

Bare Sun Beach – Women, ladyboys, and femboys only.  I’ve decided this place may consistently have the most beautiful women or near women in Second Life. Bare Sun (Map URL).

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  1. Derender the other avatars and your lag will be drastically reduced. In Firestorm I used the feature “nearby avatars” to select all the avatars I want to derender.

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