Second Life News 2017 w38


The main channel is not updating this week. It will continue to run version #

Blue Steel and Le Tigre channels will update to version # This version addresses: Improvements to address some problems that could degrade simulator performance in rare cases.

A Dot On The Map

A Dot On The Map

Magnum will update to version # It fixes BUG-100505 – “llGetEnv (“agent_limit”) is returning an empty string in Magnum, Le Tigre and Blue Steel regions.”

The only interesting additional information from the Server-Scripting UG meeting is that work on the servers includes an effort to reduce the recent outages.

There is an increasing awareness of AO problems. More people are talking about having to turn off their AO for furniture and other animations to work correctly. In the discussion BUG-11501If two animations have the same priority, it’s arbitrary which one will take precedence came up. (No fix in LL Viewer – FS has a fix, next release?) Speculation is that fix may cause the problem, so it would likely be just FS users seeing the problem.

AO’s that used to work with dance balls now have to be turned off. I’m not sure this is a new problem. I’ve always had problems with some of my walking or standing animations overriding dancing animations.

I’ve been curious if the New Grid Wide Experience the Lindens recently blogged about was a step toward providing grid wide experience keys. Oz Linden cleared that up saying, “We’ve actually always had the ability to issue grid wide keys, we just have not done it.  This new use by the Moles will give us all some experience with how it works out in practice. Whether or not that will lead to us making them available to residents, I don’t know.

So, there is a possibility there will someday be grid wide experience keys. But, it sounds as if it is a possibility, not a goal. At least for now.


The main viewer remains

Second Life Alex Ivy Viewer version – Released 9/5. No update.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Last week it was version  See the release notes for details. Generally, there are no updates to the notes when a version gets a number bump as the updates are fixes to the fixes…

Second Life Voice Viewer version – No updates… 2 weeks.

Second Life Wolfpack Viewer version – This updated this week. This is the viewer that is a copy of the main default viewer but with more information being logged.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – No update.


I don’t use as many third-party viewers as I used to. So, I’m not keeping up. Feel free to add your experience to the comments.

Kokua Viewer is getting updates. Download. More Info.

Black Dragon has a 64-bit Alpha 3 version out. More info.

One thought on “Second Life News 2017 w38

  1. Kind of unfair competition. The Lindens can use an unlimited amount of land for their games and grid wide experience keys, while resident game creators are limited to small parcels or a single sim at most, which always comes at an astronomical price that the game will never pay for, unless you put up tons of shops, tip jars and adboards and eventhough we have to pay for the experience key (premium subscription), we are limited to that small parcel, that we have.

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