SL’s new Grid Wide Experience

The new experience is titled Tyrah & the Curse of the Magical Glytches. (TCMG) The intro video is here…

I think it is way funny.

The announcement is here: Introducing a New Grid-Wide Experience. The announcement tells you how to get started and the rules…

You can have Glytches, the bad guys, on your private parcels. For the ‘how to’ on that see the Official TCMG Wiki page.

Check out the announcement and wiki page to get started collecting and I suppose imprisoning Glytches to save the grid.

One thought on “SL’s new Grid Wide Experience

  1. I tried this game and it’s a bit grindy. On top of that it tends to have technical issues with Glythces literally glitching. They eventually get fixed, but at some point glitch again. Maybe they’ll improve it in time and hopefully they change it so that Glytches have a little better chance of giving pinks and blues.

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