Second Life – News 2017 w21


This week a package rolled out to the main channel. This package adds the server side of new Parcel Access Override for Estate Managers and Owners. Plus, support for the new Trash purging process. As yet we do not have the viewer side of the change for Parcel Access. The new Trash purging process is supported by the new default viewer.

Ed at Egypt 05232017_048

Ed at Egypt 05232017_048

Blue Steel and Le Tigre channels get the package This package includes the Parcel Access Override and a bug fix: BUG-100704 “[Server] If Anyone Can visit is selected after Allow Group was set only group members can enter“. This has created some confusion and locked some people out unintentionally.

The Magnum channel is supposed to get a package, but which has not been decided… 


The main viewer is now Release notes. (Previously: This version has the new user interface (UI) for Trash. See Second Life – Inventory Loss Warning, Yikes! Previously this was the Maintenance RC. There is new stuff and fixes. See Second Life News 2017 w20 for my summary.

Second Life AssetHttp Viewer version – No change since last week.

Second Life Voice Viewer version – No change from last week. This version has a higher crash rate than expected. The Lindens are looking for the reason.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – No change, but we are told people are working on this version.

Second Life Project Alex Ivy Viewer version – No change since last week. I expect this version to update soon, probably this week.


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  1. I am still able to put up ban lines on a parcel in a private estate sim where is is marked public access.

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