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OK, we started out the day having no idea what was deploying this week. The Deploys thread had not updated as of 12:30 SLT 5/16. – OK, later in the day Caleb got the post stickied and out where people can find it.

And now for something a little different

And now for something a little different

We do know the server operating system update of the previous week on Le Tigre was rolled back.

My update tracking at my home, main channel, shows no restart today (2:40PM 5/16).

The Deploy post, now that Whirly pointed me to it and now that someone changed the stickiness of the posts, shows no roll for the main channel

Blue Steel with get a new package: # This is just the operating system update.

Le Tigre gets a new package # This region gets the Estate Owner Parcel Override change.

Magnum gets # This package is internal changes. These are things likely to improve or fix backend operation. Users are unlikely to see a change.


The main viewer is still No change for a couple of weeks now.

Second Life AssetHttp Viewer version – No change since last week.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – New since last week. This update is described as: “This shiny new maintenance release comes with improvements to Trash purging behavior, support for Estate Access override (coming to agni soon), various UI improvements, and a nice batch of bugfixes old & new.

The increase in lost inventory complaints has inspired user interface changes. So, you’ll find a few more ‘Are you sure?’ pop ups in the new version.

I’ve written about the coming Estate Manager Override for parcel access: New Estate Control. I was thinking the server side changes were already on the main grid. But, according to this viewer’s release notes that is not the case.

This version of the Linden viewer gets a tool from the Third-Party Viewer community that allows one to replace links. So… when you have something like the Slink, or other brand, mesh body which you use with EVERY outfit and they update the body, you will now be able to quickly update all those outfits with a link to V2 with a link to V3.

This version allows the user to have more “Preset” preferences… huuuuu… no I don’t know what this is.

The default volume for parcel music has been lowered. This has been a pet project of the Firestorm Dev Team. I think it only affects new users that have not changed their volume settings.

If I understand, you can now open more Debug Settings windows. To enable the feature you must enable ScriptDialogLimitations, a Debug Setting.

There is a new Debug Setting: MaxAttachmentComplexity. This sets a limit on the complexity of the attachments you wear that will render.

The feature “Region Objects floater” is now more prominent in the menu. I suppose that is a good thing… sense I am pretty sure I haven’t used it…

…and there is about 19 fixes.

Second Life Voice Viewer version – Some people having voice issues have switched to this RC and have solved their voice problems. No change from last week.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – While work has started up on this version, it has yet to update.

Second Life Project Alex Ivy Viewer version – This version has updated since last week. If it runs well, I expect it to bump to RC status soon.

The release notes say Windows 10 users equipped with HD 2000 or 3000 will need to run the 32-bit version. Otherwise, HD 4000 and up is needed to run the 64-bit version.

WARNING: If you just start your 64-bit version viewer and let it update, it will update… or maybe that is downdate, you to the 32-bit version. You will have to manually download the 64-bit version and install it. Annoying. But, an upgrade to the install process used is coming. In the future, the ‘installer’ will figure out if you should run the 32 or 64-bit version and install the correct one.

The 32-bit does install in the Program Files (x86) folder. Installing the 64-bit places it in the Program Files folder. It leaves the 32-bit installed. But, the 64 install does update my desktop icon to the 64-bit install.

I manually delete the 32-bit install by deleting the folder in Program Files (x86)-> SecondLifeProjectAlexIvy.



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