Second Life Bits 2017 w/21

Bay City is having its 9th birthday celebration.

Young Love for Old Trucks

Young Love for Old Trucks

People are still having a tantrum over the Ozimals people choosing to close their shop rather than fight a court battle and possibly loose. Hamlet reports the BBC, Boing Boing, and Vice were all ranting about the problem. (Links in Hamlet’s article)

See: Should Linden Lab Have Saved The Ozimals From Extinction?

Firestorm Wiki has a bunch of updates. These are sort of like the small tremors the precede an earthquake, in Firestorm’s case a new release.

Now that WannaCry Ransomware is all the news scammers have moved on to fake ‘we can block’ and ‘we can unlock’ deals. Only trust well known and well established businesses and never trust a link in an email.

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