Second Life – Slink Update?

Check this video…

This video is about how to use AvaStar and the Slink Developer Kit. If you notice the file name in the top menu of Blender you’ll notice is says: …\BentoVersionMarch2017\… My kit is labeled March 2016. So, to me this means an updated kit, which would be great as the current one is a bit of a PITA.

The video was posted to YouTube May 19, 2017, last Friday. In it Siddean Munro uses AvaStar2.0.30 and Blender 2.78. AFAIK, the latest versions are 2.0.45 and 2.78c… with 2.79 getting close to release. 

The Slink web site has this announcement on the developers’ page (5/21 today):

****BENTO KITS ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME…IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A DEVELOPERS MESH KIT, DO NOT RE-APPLY! WE WILL UPDATE. If applying for the first time, when updates to kits occur you will be updated so proceed as you would****

So…. The new kits are not yet out, at least where we can get them. No point nagging Slink. They’ll be going as fast as they can.

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