Project Bento Update 2016 w37

No video this week. I recorded one. But, it is too much of a mess to try and clean up.

Wetcat | The Book of Daniel - Fund-raising event ♥

Wetcat | The Book of Daniel – Fund-raising event ♥

There is a new Bento Viewer out: Second Life Bento Viewer version This is the one that came out earlier this week. It is in RC stage now. If you login with your ‘old’ Project Viewer, it should automatically update. If you log into the ADITI grid and update you may get a second update when you log into the main grid, AGNI. It will be the same viewer version you already got but, the viewer is confused so it updates again. Some people have seen their viewers update twice. 

Also, depending on how your shortcut to the viewer was made, you may see the viewer update each time you use that shortcut icon. The fix is make a new icon.

We have no ETA for when Bento will become a standard feature. We do know that Firestorm has a version of their viewer that includes Bento. Presumably in QA. Now that Bento has a Linden RC viewer third party viewers will be including the feature. My understanding is some already have.

Firestorm will have Bento in their next release and may even make an early release to get the project to as many people as possible. If you develop mesh items and know someone in the development team, you can probably get an ‘alpha’ (?) release of the FS Viewer. But, the Linden version is an easy download.

You can try contacting the support people and asking how to get a copy. Remember. There won’t always be someone live in the FS Support Group that knows how to help with this request. It will be hit or miss. But, you may luck out.

AvaStar is on release AvaStar 2.0 Alpha 10 for Blender 2.77 and up. It is getting workflow tweaks.

MayaStar is getting its last few slider tweaks and will be ready in… probably a couple of weeks… may be next week (38). It just depends on how things go.

We are seeing preliminary Bento items coming out. Akeruka, FatePlay, and Catwa have preliminary items out. I suspect other name designers are also developing their products.

If you are interested and looking to get the best information available on how to work with Bento, I suggest you show up at the Project Bento User Group meeting. Plan to devote more than an hour. Some of the best information is discussed after the meeting. Matrice, Medhue, and Cathy are good about answering questions. The three are probably the most knowledgeable Bento developers in SL. Plus there are about a dozen others that have been doing some impressive work. And if there is a known bug, Whirly will know about it… at least she knows about most all bugs in SL… so…

2 thoughts on “Project Bento Update 2016 w37

    • The Firestorm Team’s stated plan is to release a viewer every 3 months. The 4.7.9 release was early August. The next release would normally be planned for 3 months later, November. But, they change with conditions and events.

      One of the people in the know is getting some of those that have demonstrated an interest in Bento the W.I.P. version of Firestorm that has the Bento features. So, obviously they have a version in some state of readiness. I expect an early release.

      I haven’t heard anything official. Jessica only blogs when it is a necessity.

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