Second Life TPV News Week 23

Snowstorm Changes

The Snowstorm RC Viewers are the viewer channel that get third party viewer features as those move toward inclusion in the main viewer.

I quench my thirst on the cool waters of life

I quench my thirst on the cool waters of life by Spyder Silverfall, on Flickr

For now the Snowstorm viewer on hold while Grumpity Linden is out on maternity leave and she is needed for things to move ahead. Sure… whatever… but congrats Grumpity and I wish her and hers all the best health.


Week 23 we got a new package rolled to the RC channels. This week (24) we will likely see that package roll to the main channel.  This is a maintenance and logging changes update.

Snapshot Panel

The SL Viewer from Linden Lab is using a panel designed by NiranV. Recently NiranV filed a JIRA item about changes that would improve the panel. You can see the recommended/requested changes: BUG-9325Improvements to the Unified Snapshot floater.

According to Oz most of these changes will be adopted. A couple are being studied.


BUG-9172  – [Vivox 4.6.0017.21209] SLVoice crash on USB device change. This bug was reported and passed along to Vivox. They have a fix in progress. It just hasn’t arrived at the Lab yet.

Group Notices Failing

We probably don’t notice the failures. We just don’t get the notice. Those that have reason to know they are missing notices have been reporting the problem.

Oz says some changes are coming, but the Lab needs more info on group notices failing. So, if you have specific information, especially time of failure, please file a JIRA.


Havok is the software that handles the physics in Second Life.

Havok changes have a problem on Mac and Linux. Windows works. The Lab is looking at getting the Mac problem fixed and hoping that fixes the Linux problem too.

Linden Homes

If you don’t know, Linden Homes have been rebuilt to be less laggy. But, control panels stop working every couple of days. A region restart is needed to fix it.

Theme for Development

You may have noticed that several limits have been change over the last few months. Oz says they are going through looking at all the limits and deciding if they need to change as a sort of working philosophy. Some limits stay the same, some become more restrictive to reduce load, and others are increased because they have little if any effect on the viewer or server’s performance.

I am guessing that means we may see other limits changing as the Lindens work through them.

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