Second Life TPV News Week 23

Last week’s TPV user group had lite attendance. But, the meeting ran just over an hour. We got some new information about Second Life™ and a tiny bit on Project SANSAR (published separately).

Ready to roar

Ready to roar by Leonorah Beverly, on Flickr

You may also have noticed that Inara and I both are breaking the news coming from the TPV Dev’s meeting into multiple articles. That lets me get them out faster. You also don’t have to wade through long articles with parts of less or no interest to you.

Oz Linden was having trouble with the settings in the viewer he was using during the meeting. The Firestorm peeps were putting some good natured trash talk on him about being able to save settings. If you use Firestorm you know it has a save settings function. 


Now the  SL Main/Default Viewer is version 3.7.29-301305 – The version first appeared as an RC 4/28. I think it rolled out as the main viewer 6/3. This one has the new consolidated layer limits. The 5 items per attachment point limit is gone. We still have the same total number of items that can be assigned to attachment points (tattoo, undershirt, shirt, jacket, etc.), but you could put everything on one point.

RC & Project Viewers

The viewer development pipeline should be pouring out a number of updates to RC viewers in week 24. A bunch of fixes should arrive in week 24.

The RC Layer Limits viewer is now the main viewer. It is running with a reasonable crash rate.

RC Second Life Big Bird Viewer version – 6/3 – this is the one that fixes attachment problems. The previous update was – Appeared: 4/17. This is the only one that is likely to advance. That may change this week as other candidates come out.

RC Second Life Experience Viewer version – Appeared: 4/17. This viewer is to get an update in week 24. That of course assumes things go well.

According to Oz the Experience Tools project is complete and working. It has not been released as they have a couple of problems with scaling. In the computer world that word scaling means being able to handle more and more users, more load. The Lindens feel they are making progress on a couple of issues that apparently come up under heavy load. But, they aren’t ready to put it out and let everyone pile on.

The Lindens are doing intensive scaling tests and solving problems they are finding. The Lindens believe the couple problems they are concerned about are solvable. But, are a couple of tough ones. Oz has people focusing on it.

Project Importer Viewer version – Appeared: 4/22 – This is the viewer that changes material limits on imported mesh items. It should get an update in Week 24.

Project Managed Marketplace Viewer version – Appeared: 4/16 – This too should update in week 24. VMM is working with only minor problems. If you are using MagicBoxes for any of your products, get the project viewer and start getting those items moved over to the new system. More about this below and see: Second Life VMM Transfer Limits.

Oz sort of mentioned some change in management of the VMM project, so no ETA  on arrival… we’ll have to speculate as to what that may mean; someone leaving for a better job, got fired, got hired… Oz doesn’t elaborate on staff changes and usually only mentions them if they are positive changes or involve well known Lindens.

There is a viewer related problem in the Viewer Managed Marketplace(VMM)  that the Lab has yet to find. The Lindens are a little surprised at how smooth VMM things are going. Merchant that have converted manually are happy as are those that have used the automated migration.

However, those that have more than 5,000 items in the Marketplace are having to do some work. If you have more 5k items then the Lab is going to allow you to decide how to migrate. Manual or auto… All merchants with 5k plus MP Inventories have been notified. The Auto-Migrate process will prune inventory in MP down to 5k items by eliminating items not sold in long time and low selling until the process gets it down to 5k. So, if you want to control which items are being pruned, do a manual transfer.

Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – Appeared: 3/30 – This one is supposed to get an update real soon now… we have been hearing that for a while now.

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